Do Bullmastiffs Shed?

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Do Bullmastiffs Shed?

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Do Bullmastiffs shed?

Bullmastiff Shedding 101

Yes, Bullmastiffs shed. They are known to be heavy shedders in the dog community. Though bullmastiffs do not shed more than normal dogs, but they are large in size, which makes it seem like they shed way more than the usual dog.

The bullmastiffs shed normally through all seasons. They are large dogs, standing at about 24 to 27 inches in height and weighing between 110 and 130 pounds. Their hair covers most of their large body’s surface. This is why, though they have short hair, bullmastiffs shed all over the upholstery, carpet and your clothes. These short hairs will quickly pile up in clumps on hardwood floors and tiles as well. The bullmastiffs’ shed all over fabrics of all kinds and you’ll be surprised at where else you might see this hair!

Managing Your Bullmastiff’s Shedding

The Bullmastiff Advisory suggests that since Bullmastiffs shed so much, you should brush their hair out every single day. You can do this by getting a soft bristled brush and brushing them down. Make sure to brush them in the direction of hair growth and not against it. You will also need to vacuum your house about four to five times a week, depending on how much your bullmastiffs shed. It is advised that you keep a couple of lint removers handy so that you can easily roll them over couches and other items where the bullmastiffs are lounging. It will take care of some lose hair that might be stuck in places where the vacuum cleaner cannot reach.

Bullmastiff with pug

Sometimes bullmastiffs shed when they are suffering from allergies. This can cause them to lose excessive amounts of hair. These allergies include grass, pollen, and even some food-based allergies. Any of these items can cause reaction in the form of hair loss that you do not want to confuse with regular hair loss. Make sure to take your bullmastiff to the vet so that they can do some blood work, check for allergies and provide you with remedies, such as changing the kind of food that you feed your bullmastiff. Treatment of such bullmastiff shedding due to allergies can also include some over the counter antihistamines. If it is severe enough, your vet might also prescribe some anti-inflammatory medication or allergy shots.

It is also possible that your bullmastiffs shed because they are being parasites such as ticks and fleas are attacking them. In this case as well, take them to the vet so that they can take a look and get rid of these guys and make your bullmastiff healthy again!

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Finally, sometimes bullmastiffs shed because they are missing essential vitamins and proteins from their diet. If this is the case, you can easy problem solve by first taking your bullmastiff to the vet who can find out what is missing and then changing your dog’s food or prescribing some sort of a supplement for them. We feed one fish oil supplement chew every single morning to keep our dog from shedding excessively. We have done this for years and it works wonderfully!

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