Do Collies Shed?

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Do Collies Shed?

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Do Collies Shed?

Collie Shedding 101

Yes, Collies shed. In the dog community, they are considered to be moderate shedders.

Collies have a double-coat. This means that they have an undercoat that is insulated and protects them against harsh weather conditions. It is also waterproof. The topcoat is a little rougher and is the one that you see more easily at all times.

When Do Collies Shed?

Twice a year, Collies with shed out their coat. In the springtime, when there are more houses of sunshine, the Collies shed out their winter coat and make space for a new spring coat. In the fall, as the hours of daylight lessen and the weather gets colder, the Collies shed out their summer coat and make room for the thicker winter coat. Usually, the Collies Shed for about two to four weeks during these shedding periods.

There are other specific times when the Collies will shed depending on their gender. The male Collies shed more heavily right around the time of their birthdays. The female Collies shed more heavily when they are in heat.

Except for these specific times, you can expect your Collie to shed moderately throughout the year.

Collie Grooming Tips

There are some things you can do to lessen the mess when Collies Shed. First off, you can brush them down a couple of times a week with a soft-bristled brush. You want to brush their coat in the direction of the hair growth. If you brush against the direction of hair growth, you will end up hurting your dog. If you are brushing in the direction of hair growth, however, you will be able to take out any extra dead hair that has already shed and is waiting to fall on to the floor. The first time you do this, you might be surprised to see how much hair you end up finding. Don’t worry! This does not mean that your Collies Shed more than the normal amount. It just means that you have never brushed them before so the hair has just been sitting there waiting to fall off somewhere! As you brush them more and more often, the amount that comes off on the brush should lessen.

Three Collies

Managing Your Collie’s Shedding

Remember, brushing your Collies is not the same thing as bathing them. There is a myth out there that says if your Collies Shed you should bath them more often. This is absolutely not true. If you bathe your Collie too often you will take away all the essential oils on their skin that protects their coat. This will make their skin even itchier and will make them shed more.

Sometimes Collies shed because they are missing essential nutrients and vitamins form their diet. Your vet who can tell you to try a different kind of food that will provide them with whatever it is that they are missing. It is also possible that Collies shed because they are having an allergic reaction to something that they are using or are being fed. Your vet can do a blood test to see what your Collie is allergic to and this will help you eliminate that from their diet completely. Finally, Collies shed if ticks, fleas and other critters are attacking them. If this is the case, again, your vet can help you kill these buggers and make your dog healthy again!

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