Do Dachshunds shed?

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Do Dachshunds Shed? – How to Resolve the Dachshund Shedding Nightmare

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Do daschunds shed

Dachshund Shedding 101

Yes, Dachshunds do shed. This is a very commonly asked question about many dogs and it is always useful to remember that any dog that has a fur coat will shed, and it really is just a matter of how much really do they shed, not necessarily, if they shed or not.

It seems like a lot of people ask do Dachshunds shed because they are such small dogs and they look like they have really short hair. While it is true that they are not large dogs and probably do not shed anywhere as much as a Golden Retriever or a German shepherd, they do shed a moderate amount. This means that when a dachshund sheds you will see hair over your couch, your carpet and your pants but not so much that you are vacuuming up to four times a week. They look like they have smooth, shiny, little hair but do not be fooled ! As mentioned before, Dachshunds do shed.

There are three types of Dachshund hair that can exist, and you can get more specific about how much does a particular dachshund shed by looking closely to see what kind of hair yours has. A Dachshund can have smooth-hair, longhair or wirehair. Unfortunately, all three of these hair kinds shed. They all need to be groomed in their own ways to make sure that the Dachshund hair is not shedding all over the place!

Dachshund Grooming Tips

The easiest way to avoid the hair that accumulates when a Dachshund sheds is by making sure that you have good grooming habits set for your dog.

You might be in the search for a dog that does not shed, but there are ways to get dogs that do shed and control their shedding so I do not think that you necessarily have to steer clear of Dachshunds if you are looking for a dog that does not shed.

Brown Dachshund puppy with gleaming eyes sitting on the carper.

First of all, you can bathe your Dachshund from time to time to get rid of all the excess dog hair and keep it from getting all over the place. A bath can also remove any body odor and keep the Dachshund clean. Although baths can help keep some of the shedding at bay, it is important to remember not to bathe the dog too often. If you are showering your Dachshund all the time, you might dry out his or her skin. This will cause them to be even more itchy, itch their skin and then shed that all over the place!

Also, if you are going to bathe your Dachshund once a month to prevent it from shedding, always remember to sue shampoo and conditioner that uses natural ingredients and are especially formulated for dofs. We like to use items that use ingredients that we can easily name and spell out. You also need to be well informed about any allergies or such that your dog might have before you decide to take it in for a shower.

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