Do French Bulldogs Shed?

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Do French Bulldogs Shed?

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Do French Bulldogs Shed?

French Bulldog Shedding 101

Yes, French Bulldogs do shed. They do not shed as much as their furry counterparts and are known as medium shedders. This is really good because they have a breathing problem and cannot be out in the sun for too long. This means, since French bulldogsdo not shed as much you can keep them home without having their fur be all over everything!

French bulldogs have shorthair and a single coat. This is actually one of the reasons why they cannot handle time in the sun for too long. This is also the reason why French bulldogs do not shed as much as their double-coated counterparts. The other weather related disadvantage of their single coat is that they also cannot be out in extremely cold temperatures for too long. They do not go through the cycle like their double-coated friends where they shed out a bunch of dead hair in the spring and grow a new undercoat in the fall.

The dogs that shed the least are the ones who have hair like humans, instead of having fur. For being the furry dogs they are, French bulldogs really do not shed as much as other dogs out there.

French Bulldog Grooming Tips

Just because French Bulldogs do not shed as much does not mean that they do not high grooming needs. While their short, sleek fur would make you believe other wise, French Bulldogs do need grooming. We do want to be very clear that regular grooming does not mean showers and baths. It is important that you do not over wash your French bulldog, even if they love water and pose no problem when they are being showered. While one shower a month can really get rid of all the excess hair and keep your French Bulldog fresh, washing them more than that can actually take out all their essential oils that help their skin.

If your French bulldog sheds a lot you want to make sure that you are brushing them out regularly. You can do this by getting yourself a soft-bristled brush. I like to put the dog on a training pad or take him or her outside because that way there will not be a mess of hair all over my carpet when I brush them out. If you don’t do this, they are going to end up shedding all over the area where you groomed them and that completely defeats the purpose.

French Bulldog Puppy

How to Manage Your French Bulldog’s Shedding

There are a couple more things that you can do to keep your French bulldog from shedding. Try to feed them some fish oil, whether it in the form of a treat or in the form of actual oil in their food. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can be helpful for the skin of the dog and sometimes it can prevent them from shedding too much.

You can also try to do a FURminator of the French bulldog. The FURminator is basically a machine that is used to trim the fur and take away all the loose fur that might be sitting on the dog, just waiting to shed everywhere in your house!

Finally, you can also try to have all your things be the same color as your French bulldog. This is an easy fix if you want to let your living quarters look decent while still owning a dog!

Lastly, you can just accept your French bulldog for who they are- your loyal friend, and deal with the shedding because their friendship is worth it.

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    • No but I have two frenchies one I bought from de champagne Bulldogs kinga she is a good breeder and will send abroad , one of Wilbur brothers went to Africa I know traveling is a problem but she is a judge , a knowledgable breeder and has contacts world wide she is under french Bulldogs de champagne in Budapest. Annabelle

  1. I don’t believe this article.. Our frenchie sheds like no tomorrow.. It’s constant all the time.. Even when we bath him there is hair every where.. Frenchies shed all year round.. Even after grooming once he shakes hairs fly every where.. Unless it’s an age thing..

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