Do German Shepherds Shed?

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Do German Shepherds Shed?

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Do German Shepherds Shed"

Yes, German Shepherds do shed. There is some rumor going around that German Shepherds do not shed and this is actually completely false. German Shepherds shed year-round. Yes, they shed for 365 days. If you own a German Shepherd and do not vacuum for a week, you will see hair all over your clothes, furniture, and floors!

Should that turn you away from them? Absolutely, if you are incapable of taking care of them and putting in the effort to keep the hair at bay. That being said, if you still want a German Shepherd, keep reading to find out why German Shepherds shed and how to control that shedding!

Some German Shepherds will shed more that the others, but in general, all German Shepherds shed.

German Shepherds have a double-coat. As you might have guessed already, this means that they have two coats, an inner coat and an outer coat. The topcoat has stiff guard hair while the undercoat is fluffier and helps to keep the German Shepherds insulated.

When Do German Shepherds Shed?

The outer coat, or the topcoat, is the coat that will be shedding all year round.

The inner coat on the other hand will only shed about twice a year, once in the spring and then again in the fall as the seasons change. The undercoat sheds lesser times a year but once it does shed, it all goes away at once and is replaced with another coat. This is called a blowing coat, which means, that it literally blows away with the win and is replaced. When a dog is blowing away it’s coat, you will be very surprised to see how much it really sheds. When the dog is blowing away it’s coat (twice a year), you should get yourself a shedding rake. This will help you groom your dog by removing all the dead hair.

German Shepherd running

How to Manage Your German Shepherd’s Shedding

Both the kinds of shedding (of the undercoat and the top coat) will require for you to have a vacuum cleaner. It is recommended that German Shepherds’ owners vacuum their houses about three times a week to keep it from having hair that has piled up. This is not to keep it hair-free, but just to keep it from piling! Also, you might want to keep a lint remover of some kind and roll it over carpeted areas before vacuuming. This will keep your vacuum cleaner alive and well for a little bit longer! In our pug household, we have similar problems with shedding, and have to cut hair out of the vacuum cleaner every single time the house is vacuumed!

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