Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

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Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

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Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

When Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Yes, Golden Retrievers shed. They shed regularly throughout the year. Yes, that means all 365 days. There are some things that you can do to minimize the damage but in reality, if you are a Golden Retriever owner, you will have hair everywhere. It is going to become one of those facts of life that you just have to get used to. If you pet him, you will see that your hand is left with a mass of hair. If you given him or her a belly rub, you will notice that your flooring (hopefully hardwood, not carpet!) and your clothes will be filled with hair.

Golden Retrievers have a beautiful coat that feels like a down comforter. They are known to be one of the prettiest dogs out there. Golden Retrievers have a double coat. As the name suggests, this means that they have a double coat. Their coat is designed to make them comfortable and also to protect them during both the winter and the summer. During the winter months, the fleece undercoat will keep them warm and grow. In the spring, the Golden Retriever will shed that coat, which is also called “blowing out” their coat. You can use an undercoat rake to remove all of the dead undercoat. When you first use a rake, it can be useful to brush and rake a couple of times to remove the entire dead coat. Once you have done that, you can make it a routine to brush using an undercoat rake about once a week. This will keep the Golden Retriever’s shedding to a minimum. Get ready, though! The first time you use the rake, you will be shocked to discover how much hair is being removed. Do not fuss over this. It is completely normal and natural for the Golden Retrievers. Please do not attempt to shave a Golden Retriever. As mentioned, they need their coats for protection and comfort. Removing these coats will make them feel extremely disadvantaged.

Golden Retrievers shed all their hair to let a new coat to grow in. As the hair falls out of the follicles and lands on your floor and clothes, it is replaced with new hair. If you live in an area where the dog will be facing a harsh winter, you will see them sporting a heavier fur coat. During the spring, they need to cool off, and will shed the extra pounds of coating to make themselves feel more comfortable. When Golden Retrievers are kept mainly indoors, the amount of hair that is shed is affected by the amount of daylight, which also stimulates hormones and promotes shedding. The temperature of your home also affects it. The amount varies considerably among breeds but Golden Retrievers definitely fall into the heavy-shedder category.

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  1. Diana from the OC, So. Cali on

    My sweet girl is a 10 year old Golden Retriever named Maddy. She is the best dog I have ever had. She has the best temperament and she is very loving. Golden’s are great family dogs.
    I live in Seal Beach, California. Of course our temperature is absolutely the best because I live in one of the best places in the UNited States. I admit Southern California beach cities are very expensive. I am very lucky. We enjoy weather that is absolutely unbelievable. Highest temp is probably 86 degrees in August and lowest is probably 65 degrees in February. In February, we also have 3″ of rain on average for the month. No snow or the awful weather that other states have. Again, it is very expensive here and I KNOW most people can not afford to live here.

    That said, I must emphasize……DO NOT EVER shave a golden retriever! They need their undercoat. It protects them.
    And never trim or shave them yourselves. YOu need a professional groomer who knows what they are doing to trim lightly around the ears and feet.
    And remember that your golden deserves a brushing at least every 2-3 days, preferably every day. If you can not give your Golden the best care, then do not purchase one.

    Golden’s also are prone to knee problems and mine needed $$6,000 ACL surgery. She recuperated in a timely manner and she is good as new. Just remember that you must be prepared and have the money to see your Golden through any care that she may need.

    So many people should not have a dog that they can not afford.

  2. I have always shaved my golden’s and have had no problems with it. They actually seem to like it as they are lighter than ever! So easy to dry off after dips in the pond. I only do it during the spring/summer. Think of it as you getting a buzz cut. Certainly it is not “dangerous” for a man going in the army to get a crew cut! Also, it makes it more manageable for you, the owner to have them. If I couldn’t have them shaved, then I wouldn’t be able to have goldens… 🙁 And that is sad…………

  3. i have a golden retriever puppy. she’s 5 months old. i am very worried of her cause she sheds a lot. its been a month when she started shedding but her thick hair hasnt come back yet.. im so worrried. she looks skinny without her coat

  4. The title of this article made me laugh. Do golden’s shed? ummm… YES! We have one golden girl, she is 5 years old. She has one of the thinnest coats of any golden I have ever seen (very healthy coat, but not super dense) and I swear I sweep up a whole dog’s worth of hair every day. We joke that people without a golden must never have to sweep because when we sweep it is literally all her hair. It is still possible to keep a very tidy home – we use a furminator every few weeks on her and a slicker brush once a day. Then vacuum and sweep pretty much every day. It only takes a few minutes and we would be living in a pretty gross hair covered house otherwise.

    I wouldn’t trade her for the world though. The easiest and sweetest dog we could ever hope for. We have another dog and a cat – the other dog is half shar pei and barely sheds and the cat grooms himself well. We brush them both. Anyways, nothing compares to the shedding of a golden, except perhaps a golden with a super dense coat or a collie.

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