Do Great Danes Shed?

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Do Great Danes Shed?

Do Great Danes Shed

Yes, Great Danes shed. I know they look like they have a short, silk coat but they do shed heaps!

It is not true that the furrier a dog looks, the more it sheds. It is very well possible for a dog like a Great Dane, with a short-coat, to still shed a lot! That being said, the Great Danes are actually a pretty unique shedder. They are not shedding any more than a regular dog but they are so big that there is a lot more hair that accumulates from the gigantic body, making it look like they shed way more.

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Now that you know that the answer to the question do Great Danes shed is yes, there are some things you can do at your house to make sure that the shedding does not become too out of control!

First of all, it is important for us to understand Great Danes come in different colors. Some people will say that the white ones are the worst when it comes to Great Dane shedding. I actually disagree. I think that it is really dependant on the kind of clothes you wear and the color of your furniture. If I have a black couch, it might look like my white Great Dane is shedding way more than anyone else out there. This is not because of the Great Dane’s shedding amount but because the colors black and white are contrasting each other and making the hair stand out even more. This is why, it is important to get furniture, clothes and other things that all match your Great Dane’s color. This way the Great Dane’s shedding will not be noticed as easily.

Two black great danes

Secondly, you can brush your Great Dane often to keep them from shedding excessively. Brushing them in the direction of the hair growth about once or twice a week will get rid of the extra dead hair that was about to fall off anyway.

If your Great Dane is fed high quality food that has a lot of protein, Omege-3 Fatty Acid and Omega-6 Fatty Acid, they will have all the nutrients needed in their body. This will make them less prone to shedding.

It would not help to bathe your Great Dane all the time. Not only will that not prevent shedding, but it can actually make the dog shed more. Great Danes have essential oils in their coat, and if the dog is stripped off of all these oils, they will become dry. This dryness can lead to itchy skin and more scratching. This in turn will make the Great Dane shed even more. This is why they should only be showered about once every month.

Sometimes if termites are attacking your Great Dane they might be shedding a lot. This is something your vet can fix easily by giving them some medication and removing the ticks.

It is normal for puppy Great Danes to shed a lot. They are just blowing their puppy coat. This should stop once the dog is about one or two years old.

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