Do Labrador Retrievers Shed?

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Do Labrador Retrievers Shed?

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Labrador Retriever Shedding 101

YES, Labrador Retrievers shed. It is very interesting because a lot of sites will claim that they do not shed and our research tells us that this is simply not true. Labradors are considered average shedders. This means they shed.

Labrador Retrievers have a double coat. As you might be guessing already, from the words “double coat”, there is a double coating that is wrapped around the Labrador retriever’s body. This happens for two reasons. Firstly, it is for water resistance. The outer coat on the Labrador retriever is known as a guard coat. It basically means that it guards the dog and keeps their body dry while they are trying to swim in water. The second reason is to keep them warm. Labradors have a double coat. The undercoat or the “inner coat” is kind of like a down-comforter and keeps the Labrador Retriever warm in cold weather.

When Do Labrador Retrievers Shed?

Every single Lab sheds during its transitional period. This is the time when a puppy Labrador is transforming into an adult Labrador. It will shed the puppy coat that it was born with and give way to the adult coat that it will have for the rest of it’s life.

Every single year, a Labrador retriever will shed twice. During these shedding periods, they will shed off their old hair and make way for a new set of coats. This will also be the time when you see a lot of dog hair around your house. It is nothing to worry about, and is quite normal. Just clean it up with a vacuum cleaner and move on! When the shedding period is over, you will see that everything will be back to normal and you can play with your Lab all day without being worried about hair everywhere.

Labradors shed worse during the spring (end of March and beginning of April). A female will generally blow her coat (shed heavily) 2 times a year with her heat cycle. All other Labs neutered and unneutered males, and spayed females will shed moderately throughout the year and more so as the seasons change. This hair collects on furniture, clothes and blows across the floor in tumbleweeds. You will be amazed on where you will find the dog hair. As we like to say, “Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything except the dog”.


Managing Your Labrador Retriever’s Shedding

When the Labrador sheds, their hairs come off on your hands when you pet them, and stick tenaciously to your clothing, upholstery, and carpeting.

Some people have reported that with black Labradors, if they do not vacuum their carpet three times a week, at least, then the carpet starts to look pretty bad.

Labrador Retrievers are hairy in general. You can trim their hair to make sure that they are not going to shed all the time. You can also brush it out if your Labrador retriever is used to brushes. That being said, they will still shed and if I was a Labrador retriever owner, I would go with a house that has wooden floors. That way, you can easily make sure that the wood gets cleaned out by just mopping it from time to time.

One thing that I have noticed about Labs shedding is that sometimes it can be very hard to find the hair. The Labrador retriever hair that sheds can be hard to find. They are not the only ones who are like this. Most dogs that have fine hair can give us trouble when we try to find out whether or not their hair is shedding. If you do have a Labrador Retriever who holds the key to your heart, sleeps on your bed, lays down on your couch and lounges on your carpet, it is important to look very carefully at your furniture and see whether or not there is a lot of hair piling up.

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