Do Maltese Shed?

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Do Maltese Shed?

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Do Maltese shed?

Maltese Shedding 101

Yes, Maltese shed. That being said, they shed extremely little amounts and are actually considered to be a part of the hypoallergenic dog breeds. In the dog community, the Maltese Shedding is considered to be less than average. They are comparable to the Shih Tzu and share only some hair every single year.

The reason that the Maltese Shed so much less than other dogs is because they have hair like that of a human and not fur like that of many dogs. They also have a single-coat unlike their double-coated friends who have an upper coat that is rough and a lower-coat that is soft and insulated. These double-coated dogs will “blow out” their undercoats twice a year, which basically means you can except to see it all over everything you own (including your food and your mouth!). Thus, if you think Maltese Shed, it really is not as much as most other dogs out there so Maltese owners are actually quite lucky!

Maltese with bow

Maltese Grooming Tips

Just because Maltese don’t shed as much as other dogs does not mean that they do not need to be groomed regularly. They need to have their fur trimmed from time to time, especially in the summer when the weather is super hot. If you do keep their hair long, it is important to make sure that they are brushed on a weekly basis to avoid matting problems. Their fur is very soft and silk, but curly, and it Maltese Shed when you run a comb through their fur. This needs to be a soft-bristled comb that you will be running from the top of their head to the bottom of their tails. Remember to always make sure that you are combing and brushing in the direction of, and not in the opposite direction of, the hair growth! If you don’t do this you will end up hurting your little Maltese. Maltese Shed even more when you run a comb through their fur and their fur was matted to begin with. In the latter (matting) case, it is recommended that you buy your Maltese shampoo and conditioner that is natural and specially made for dogs and apply some to them before you actually try to slowly run a brush through their hair. In the matting instance, the Maltese Shed a normal amount because this is just dead hair that has accumulated and gotten tangled up with the regular hair. It is suggested to brush them on a regular basis to avoid such Maltese shedding in the future.

Happy Maltese

Sometimes the Maltese shed more than usual if they are having an medical problems. If they are ill, they will be shedding more. Most of this can be fixed by a vet through proper medication and care so if you think that your Maltese Shedding is being cause by a medical issue, please call and talk to your vet.

There are some other reasons why Maltese Shed more than normal at certain times of their lives. Sometimes it might be the case that they are missing important nutrients from their diet and the shedding is just a way in which their bodies are reacting to this situation. Other times it could be that they are being attacked by a parasite, such as a tick, and their body is reacting by shedding. In both of these cases it is important to contact your vet who can give your dog medication and recommend a change in diet that might solve some of these problems!

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  1. hello i own a maltese shez about 4 months old n lately she has been shedding excessively i make sure she gets the proper feeding i bathe her every two days she takes her medication accordingly dont know wt the problem is. help

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