Do Mastiffs Shed?

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Do Mastiffs Shed?

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Mastiff in the yard

Mastiff Shedding 101

Yes, Mastiffs shed. The short, sleek Mastiff coat can be quite deceiving for they do shed. In fact, they are considered heavy shedders in the dog community. This means that if you have a mastiff, you can expect to have your clothes, your furniture, your carpet and sometimes even parts of your food covered with hair. It is really surprising to think about all the different places in which Mastiffs shed. I would never think of opening up my fridge and finding a piece of the notorious dog’s hair in there, but I guarantee you somehow it will get in there!

Now that you know that Mastiffs shed, it is important to think about ways in which you can combat this. First off, you need to brush your Mastiffs coat with a rubber hound glove at least once a week throughout the year. Two times per year, during the beginning of spring when there are more hours of sunlight per day, and during the beginning of fall when there are so many less hours of sunlight per day, Mastiffs shed more heavily than during other times. At this point, you might want to brush your Mastiff’s coat daily to keep the Mastiff shedding at bay. When you are brushing them, you are removing all that unwanted dead hair that has just being sitting on your Mastiff’s body waiting to shed! During this time, it is also helpful to have a stripping blade to remove all the hair that is about to shed all over the place.

Mastiff standing tall

Mastiff Grooming Tips

If you want to keep your house clean even though Mastiffs Shed, it is important to vaccum it at least once a week throughout the year and then at least three times a week during the spring and the fall. Sometimes, it is also helpful to add some lint remover to the routine. I would run the lint remover on top of all the sofas, chairs, bed, clothing and such items.

You can have the pet groomer (or yourself!) run a FURminator on your Maltese to prevent them from shedding all over the house. Mind you, this does not keep them from shedding. This just keeps them from shedding at your house one hundred times a day. Basically this tool will pull out all the dead hair that the Mastiffs Shed anyways.

Two Mastiffs

You can also feed your Mastiff some Omega-3 and Omega-6 containing fish oil supplements that can help the Mastiffs Shed less than usual.

While it is normal for Mastiffs to shed extensively, it is also important to think about how much does your Mastiff usually shed. If your Mastiff is shedding more than normal, then you might want to consider taking them to the doctor. It could be because they are not being fed the kind of food that they should be eating. It might be that they are missing some nutrients from their food, such as essential protein, minerals and vitamins. It is also possible that they are being attacked by some sort of tick that is keeping them from having a healthy coat.

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