Do Papillons Shed?

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Do Papillons Shed?


Papillon Shedding 101

Yes, Papillons shed. They are considered to be moderate shedders in the dog community. Their hair does not shed in clumps but if you have a Papillion you can expect them to shed all over your couch, your carpet and your clothes.

The female papillons shed right after they are in heat. Except for that, Papillons shed normally throughout the year. They do not have a double coat so there is not a specific seasonal time of the year when papillons shed their insulated undercoat and replace it with a different summer coat.

Managing You Papillon’s Shedding

If your Pappilons shed more than normal, it might be because they are missing some vital vitamins or nutrients in their diet. If this is the case, you can easily go to the vet and they might suggest a change in their diet. Additionally, pappilons shed more that usual when they’re being attacked by ticks, fleas or other parasites. This is also something that the vet can solve by prescribing some medication. Lastly, it could be that pappilons shed because they are having an allergic reaction to a food item that has been included in their diet or is present in one of the treats that they are being given. If this is the case, your vet can conduct a blood test on them and make sure that you can eliminate this product from their diet.

All that being said, papillons are moderate shedders in the dog community. They shed but they have a single-coat fur so the shedding is not as bad as that of some dogs with the double coat.

Papillon yawning

Papillon Grooming Tips

One thing you can do to keep your papillions from shedding all over your clothes, the carpet and your furniture is to stop the fur from falling on to the ground. One way to do this is why brushing your dog down every single day with a soft bristled brush. Some breeders prefer to use the wire pin brushes because these protect your pappilons’ coat from tearing if there are fringes and such. If you choose this method, you can brush away the dead fur that has already been detached from the skin and throw it in the trash can instead of letting it fly and land at different places in the house. When you are brushing your dog, always brush his or her coat in the direction of the hair growth and not against it! If you do not do so, you will be hurting their skin and their coat. Make sure also to not use a heavy hand while brushing since that will rip at their fur and leave them more vulnerable to matting, itching, etc. Never brush a pappilons’ coat when it’s fully dry. You want to put a little bit of water to the coat to make it a little wet and easier to brush without tearing any fur. You can also use a quality conditioning spray to brush them. The coat does not need to be wet, but it does need to be slightly dampened.

Papillon puppy

Brushing the pappilons’ coat not only keeps them from shedding all over the place but also helps spread out their essential oils so that they are not left with a flaky, itchy coat. The first time you brush their coat, you might be surprised to see how much of their coat actually sheds but this is just because they have never been brushed before. Overtime, less and less hair should accumulate on the brush as you brush them down!

It is not helpful to bath your pappilons because they are shedding. Being dirty and shedding coat is not the same thing. In fact, if your wash their coat more often, you will strip them off of the essential oils.

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  1. We have a papillon that is 2 yrs old she is in good health and a fun active dog the only problem is the shedding and scratching. We have used everything suggested by drs and friends and other pipillon owners. We have met others with the same problem. Some of the things we have tried are cortisone cream, Benadryl, several shampoos, dinovite food and vitamins, we have bathed not bathed everything that we know or hear of. Nothing has worked. Is there something that we need to know about their skin that the local vets don’t know

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