Do Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed?

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Do Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed?

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Do Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed?

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Shedding 101

Yes, Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed. The Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed a lot when compared to other dogs. In fact, in the dog community they are considered heavy shedders.

These hardy dogs have a double-coat of medium-length hair. There is a short, insulated, water-resistant coat and then a longer outer coat. The inner coat sheds twice a year when the season changes. They will completely shed the inner coat during the spring when the Pembroke Welsh Corgis is feeling the days getting longer and the sunlight being out for a long time. Their new coat will keep them cool in the summer months. In the fall, as the season changes again, they will shed out this coat in exchange for one that will keep them warm throughout the entire winter months. This will happen again during the same time as the seasons change and days get shorter.

Now that you know that Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed, there are some steps that you can take to make sure that you can still keep yourself free of their hair (especially twice a year when they shed the most).

Pembroke Welsh Corgi flopped over

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Grooming Tips

First of all, it is important to get yourself a soft-bristled brush. You can use this brush to brush out your Pembroke Welsh Corgis about two or three times a week. This process is actually not that difficult. All you do is make sure that you are brushing from the top of the head to the bottom of the tail, and that you are brushing in the direction of the hair growth. It is also important to make sure that you are not brushing in a harsh manner so that you do not hurt your Pembroke Welsh Corgis while you brush their coat. Since you have to do this process so often, it would make sense to let your dog think of this as a positive experience and let them really enjoy it. You can make your Pembroke Welsh Corgis think so by giving them tons of positive reinforcement and a lot of treats as you go through the brushing process for them. This way, you can get rid of the hair the Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed and that was going to be stuck to your furniture unless you got that dead shedding hair out of them with a brush! This is very important so that you can both enjoy the process!

Secondly, you can also bathe your Pembroke Welsh Corgis from time to time to keep them from shedding. You can also apply the FURminator while you groom them. The FURminator is a tool that removes the lose undercoat without cutting the pet. You can also do this at home if you figure out how exactly the tool is used to stop Pembroke Welsh Corgis shedding.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy

Thirdly, check your Pembroke Welsh Corgis diet to make sure that there are no deficiencies going on. Sometimes if the Pembroke Welsh Corgis does not have enough minerals, vitamins or proteins, they might be shedding. In this case, take your Pembroke Welsh Corgis to the vet so that the vet can suggest a change of food for your pet.

Fourthly, you also want to check with your vet that your Pembroke Welsh Corgis does not have any ticks attacking it. If there is one that could be the reason why they are shedding.

Finally make sure that you are vacuuming your house at lease three times a week. This will keep a lot of the Pembroke Welsh Corgis hair at bay. You can also use a lint remover to help you get rid of some of the Pembroke Welsh Corgis hair.

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  1. Mary Ann Fitkin on

    This article read very well and is the best description of the shedding of Pembroke welsh Corgis I’ve ever seen in print.

  2. Sheri DeLoach on

    great info on shedding corgis! I have one, Lucille, pet therapy dog, 6 years old & shedding badly now! At groomers now for bath & extra treatment for shedding!
    Would like to follow your blog!

  3. We were thinking of getting a welsh corgis but when my parents found out they shed they said probably not. Our last dog shed a lot too but maybe this will change their minds! Thx!!!!!

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