Do Pomeranians Shed?

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Do Pomeranians Shed?

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Do Pomeranians shed?

Pomeranian Shedding 101

Yes, Pomeranians Shed. In fact, all dogs shed (except for the hairless ones!) and so the question is not really do Pomeranians Shed, but how much and when do Pomeranians Shed.

First off, Pomeranians shed their puppy hair between the ages of three and seven months. Each puppy will be a little different than the others, but usually it will take about five months for this hair to grow back on the Pomeranians. The new hair that grows back will be their full and amazing adult Pomeranian coat.

If you have never owned a Pomeranian before, the puppy shedding process can be a little scary. Don’t worry! It is only normal for the Pomeranian puppy to look quite silly with little patches of fur missing from his body. This is temporary, and only happens during the puppy stage.

When the adult hair grows, you will notice it is a little coarser and will look it it’s sticking out through the Pomeranians’ fluffy puppy fur coat that is still remaining.

When Do Pomeranians Shed?

As an adult, the Pomeranian will continue to shed. While they shed throughout the year, they shed A LOT at the beginning of the spring and at the beginning of fall. This shedding is seasonal and is triggered by changes in light. This is why in spring, when the days become longer and the sun is out for a longer period of time, they shed. This is also the same reason why in the fall, when the days are shorter and the sun is out for a shorter period of time, they shed again. This shedding process will vary depending on where you live and how long your winter is!

White Pomeranian

A lot of times, since Pomeranians are housedogs and are kept inside for long periods of time, Pomeranians shed when they experience artificial lighting all year round. This might disruptive their natural shedding process. A Pomeranian then might not shed during the regular shedding season, or might shed throughout the year.

If Pomeranians shed seasonally, this heavier shedding will last for about two to four months. After that, they will return to their slow shedding for the rest of the year.

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  1. Some dogs with hair don’t shed. Most hypoallergenic ones do not. I have a Bichon Frise and he doesn’t shed at all and yet he still has hair.

    • All dogs do shed, the hypoallergenic ones too. The only reason why they are “hypoallergenic” is because they don’t shed dog dander, making it a great pet for someone with allergies. Think about it, of course they’re going to shed! It’s a living animal. Your hair falls off too, even if you don’t mess with it. It’s natural.

  2. All dogs don’t shed!!! I grew up with a toy poodle that never did and now we are on our third yorkie..,none of them have ever shed. Like Jessica said, I think all hypoallergenic ones don’t (I know malteses don’t either).

  3. All dogs don’t shed my dog lily she’s 5 and she has not sheded in her life might want to edit that part all dogs do not shed my grandmas and nana’s dog never shed ether

    • I agree I have owned poodles and they did not shed. Many dogs don’t shed. American Kennel Club Statement. “These dogs have a predictable, non-shedding coat which produces less dander. Dander, which is attached to pet hair, is what causes most pet allergies in humans.”
      You will find a list of non-shedding dogs their website.

  4. All dogs shed. Including bichons, poodles, Lhasa’s, etc. They just shed less. I’m assuming you brushed all of those dogs and had them groomed regularly. Ever look at the brush and notice fur in it? That’s the fur those dogs shed (did you think you were ripping the fur out?) They shed less, and the fur doesn’t fall out of the coat like it does with other breeds. That’s why those “non-shedding” breeds still need grooming. To remove the shed hair and prevent it from creating mats in the living hair.

    Just because you don’t see shed hair doesn’t mean the dog doesn’t shed at all. Stop owning dogs if you don’t know basics like how hair works.

    • I don’t think so!! I’m very happy that my bichon does not shed!! Brushing a dog whereby there is a pull on the hair follicles is quite different from hair falling out on its own. My dog has full access to all my furniture and never is there hair on my furniture. He sits on my lap lots and never do I find hair on my clothes. If he has a hair matt, I can pull it apart leaving all the hair intact at the root. Only if I yank on the matt will the hair come out.

  5. Help, my white pomerians eyes are stained. It looks so nasty, yet she is clean and young and healthy. The angle eyes powder in the water does not help and I heard it can be dangerous. What can I do?

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