Do Portuguese Water Dogs Shed?

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Do Portuguese Water Dogs Shed?

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Do Portuguese Water Dogs shed?

Portuguese Water Dog Shedding 101

Yes, the Portuguese Water Dogs shed. That being said, the Portuguese Water Dogs shed so little that they have been considered to be hypoallergenic dogs and many people who are allergic to dog hair manage to live with them just fine. Given the giant dog breed that they are, they really do not shed much!

Even though Portuguese Water Dogs do not shed much, if you have allergies, you would want to make sure that you spend a couple of hours in a room with the dog before you figure out if really the dog’s shedding will affect your health. Every single dog is different because they shed different amounts of hair and dander.

The Portuguese Water Dogs shed two different kinds of coat. They can either have a curly or a wavy coat. Both of these types are single coats, which means that they do not have an undercoat that keeps them insulated from the water and warm during the winters! This is the reason why the Portuguese Water Dogs shed so little. For most of the dogs, it is the undercoat that sheds more than the topcoat. It is a popular practice to give them a lion clip or even a retriever. During the lion clip, the muzzle, mid-body and the rear are shortened while there is a tuft at the end of the tail. During a retriever clip, the coat is clipped or trimmed all over to about an inch in length that follows the outline of the body. All this being said, if you Portuguese Water Dogs shed, this will not help with anything at all except for styling purposes!

Portuguese Water Dog long tail

Portuguese Water Dogs Grooming Tips

If your Portuguese water dogs shed more than your liking, you can brush them down a couple of times a week. This will also help you keep their coats tangle free! You can also trim or clip their coat every single month to keep it looking neat and clean.

If your Portuguese water dog sheds, you can also vacuum your house once or twice a week to keep the shedding under control. Finally, feel free to run a lint remover over your upholstery, carpet and clothes to keep them neat and clean.

Sometimes, Portuguese Water Dogs shed because they are being attacked by parasites such as fleas and ticks. In this case, it is best to make sure that you take your pet to the vet who can pull out the pest and make sure that your pet is completely protected.

At other times, Portuguese Water Dogs shed when they are having an allergic reaction to something in their food or something that is present in their environment. This might be something as simple as a treat, pollen or even dust. A simple blood test at the vet’s can show you exactly what it is that they are allergic to so that you can protect your dog against it. If your Portuguese Water Dogs shed more than normal because they are allergic to something, your vet might ask for you to feed them some antihistamines. In severe cases, the vet can also prescribe a couple of allergy shots.

Portuguese Water Dog lumbering along

It is also possible for Portuguese Water Dogs to shed if they are missing some essential nutrients or proteins from their diet. In this case, the vet can either recommend some supplements for you or can tell you about a more wholesome meal for your dog’s diet.

Finally, if your Portuguese Water Dogs shed it is helpful to give them some form of fish oil that comes with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. This will make their coat shiny and healthy so they will shed less! We feed one to our dog every single morning. Make sure to check with your vet so you know the proper dosage for your dog!

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