Do Rottweilers Shed?

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Do Rottweilers Shed?

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Rottweiler in the distance

Rottweiler Shedding 101

Yes, Rottweilers shed a modest amount. A lot of people think that Rottweilers do not shed because they have short hair. This is absolutely not true. They can still shed a good amount with their short hair!

Rottweilers have a double-coat. They are not the only dogs that have a double-coat. This is a similar coat to that of a Siberian Husky, The German Shepherd Dog or even the Golden Retriever. The Rottweilers have an undercoat and then a topcoat. The undercoat is basically a softer and more insulated layer that protects them through the winter. The topcoat is a little rougher, and is the one you see all the time. The Rottweilers will shed the undercoat every single year during the spring and then again during the winter.

You might be disheartened to find out that the answer to the question do Rottweilers shed is yes, but I think there are some very simple things that can be done to prevent Rottweilers from shedding excessively and to make them your loyal, not-so-shedding partner!

Rottweiler Grooming Tips

First off, you can brush your Rottweiler with a brush. The first time you do this (with a soft-bristled brush) you might be surprised to see how much hair you are being able to find. Don’t worry too much! All that you are doing is getting rid of the excessive dead hair that the Rottweilers were going to shed anyways. If you keep brushing them regularly, the amount of hair you brush out every single time will be a little less.

Since your Rottweiler’s hair is so short, a soft-bristled brush usually works the best and feels the most comfortable for them. Some Rottweilers do have wavy coats that are a bit longer than average, these will require a pin brush for most of the work and a wide tooth dog comb for the dense undercoat.

Sad Rottweiler

While you brush your Rottweiler, make sure that you are brushing in the direction that the hair is growing from the skin and not against it! This will pull away all the lose hair. You can start to brush from the head and go straight down to the tail. Please make sure you pay extra attention to the legs, belly and rump area. I usually like to take the dog out, put them on a puppy pad or head to the park if I am brushing the Rottweiler. I think it needs to be in a place where your dog feels comfortable with the process. As of now, I feel most comfortable taking them to the park because they will be a little more distracted and I don’t have to deal with lose hair everywhere!

When you brush your Rottweiler, aim for the bristles to gently glide across the skin. This will make sure that you are pick up any lose hair and will also distribute the natural oils your dog has that need to protect the Rottweiler skin. It will keep it from getting dried out and will improve their blood circulation.

You can also bathe your dog, and take it to a groomer, but it is recommended that this is only done about once a month to keep the Rottweiler from getting their oils dried up!

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