Do Saint Bernards Shed?

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Do Saint Bernards Shed?

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Do Saint Bernards shed?

Saint Bernard Shedding 101

Yes, Saint Bernards shed. In fact, they shed a lot. They are considered to be heavy shedders in the dog community. It is said that the Saint Bernards shed enough to make a wool blanket out of them. If you are thinking of own one, you should get ready to have the Saint Bernard shed all over your clothes, couch and carpet. Sometimes, it is even possible to find Saint Bernard hair and fur in your food. Oh yeah, I would not put it past them.

The Saint Bernards have a thick, shaggy coat. They are rough-coated dogs with slightly longer hair on their highs and legs.

Saint Bernard Grooming Tips

Now that you know that Saint Bernards shed, the real question remains- what should you do about it? First off, if your Saint Bernards shed you need to make sure that you are vacuuming your house a couple of times a week. Some people will vacuum up to five times a week but really it is your personal preference because it depends on how much hair and fur you are ready to let pile up before you get rid of it. It is also very helpful to have a couple of lint removers around so that you can roll away the hair and fur that your Saint Bernards shed as they get stuck to your clothes and our upholstery. It makes sense to keep a couple of them around the house because the closer the lint remover is to, the easier and more convenient you will find to use them.

Saint Bernard puppy

Sometimes, Saint Bernards shed more even more than usual if they are missing essential vitamins or proteins from their food. In this case, you can take them to a vet who can give them a supplement or ask that you change your food to something that is more wholesome for your pet. At other instances, Saint Bernards might shed more if they are being attacked by parasites such as ticks, fleas and others. In this case, make sure to take your dog to a bet so that they can make sure that your dog has no more parasites on them and is fully protected. Finally, Saint Bernards shed if they are having allergic reaction to something that is in their food or in a treat that they are having. If this is the case, take your dog to the vet and he or she can prescribe some over the counter medication with antihistamines and make your knowledgeable about ways in which you can avoid those kinds of food.

Saint Bernard in the snow

Twice a year, Saint Bernards shed more than usual. This is when the seasons change and there is either more hours of daylight per day (during the spring) or less hours of daylight per day (during the fall). This is when they will require daily brushing to keep their hair at bay. You should get a firm bristled brush and brush them down every single day to keep hair around the home down to a minimal amount. Otherwise, you should brush them down about three times a week.

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