Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed?

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Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed?

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Yorkshire Terrier sitting down on a blue bed with smile on her face.

Yorkshire Terrier Shedding 101

The Yorkshire Terriers do not shed as much as other dogs because they do not have an undercoat. All dogs, even the ones like Yorkshire Terriers that are said to shed less, shed some and so it would be wrong to say that they do not shed at all.

Some dogs have a topcoat and an undercoat, and every single year during the spring (when it gets too warm) they shed off their undercoat, only to grow a lot of it back during the winter months (when their body feels that it needs more insulation). This is not true for Yorkshire Terriers.

Yorkshire Terriers typically have a fine, straight and silky coat. They have been listed by many popular dog websites (including as hypoallergenic because they have hair that does not really shed much. In comparison to a lot of the other dog breeds, Yorkshire Terriers do not shed to the same degree. They only shed when they are being groomed and are being bathed or brushed. It is the dog’s dandlers that usually cause an allergic reaction and that is not a problem with the Yorkshire Terriers.

Dogs like Yorkshire Terriers that have a silky coat have hair that looks almost like the human hair and acts like that too. Think about all the times human hair sheds. It is mostly happening in the shower. This is true also for the hair of a Yorkshire terrier!

Yorkshire Terrier Grooming Tips

Because Yorkshire Terriers do not shed, that does not mean that we do not need to take care of their coat. For the most part, the owner of a Yorkshire terrier can trim its hair and fur so that it is easier to take care of it. If you want your Yorkshire Terrier to be part of a show, it is OK to leave the coat and hair long. Even then, it would make sense to trim the hair of the Yorkshire terrier to make it floor length so that he or she can move with ease. This will also give them a neater appearance. Hair on the feet, eyes and the tips of the ears can be kind of irritating for the dog. Sometimes they will become itchy because of it and then they can get things like eye infections, etc. This is why it is important to also make sure these parts of the Yorkshire Terriers’ hair is trimmed out regularly by the groomer or at home.

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