Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament

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Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament

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Bernese Mountain Dog temperament

Bernese Mountain Dog Overview

The Bernese Mountain Dog temperament is known to be faithful, affectionate, loyal and intelligent.

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At first sight, the Bernese Mountain Dog’s temperament can appear to be intimidating and dominating since they are so big in size. In reality, the Bernese Mountain Dogs are not like that at all. They are basically big babies who will win your heart in a good minute!

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good Family Dogs?

The Bernese Mountain Dogs are very sweet and gentle dogs. They are known for being loyal to their owners. The Bernese Mountain Dog temperament makes it a great fit for children. That being said, we would not recommend the Bernese Mountain Dogs for a household with small children and toddlers. The Bernese Mountain Dogs are so big that they might knock down a child unintentionally and hurt the child! If you do have a small child and want to have a Bernese Mountain Dog, make sure to socialize the two from an early age and I am sure they will become great companions. They just need to learn how to be gentle and kind to each other. Of all the different dog types you could have, the Bernese Mountain Dog’s temperament is best suited for families of all sizes and people of all ages.

The Bernese Mountain Dog temperament is that of a mountain dog that was bred to herd sheep, pull carts and guard a farmer’s family. This is why they still have the urge to herd animals and people! The best way in which you can handle the Bernese Mountain Dog’s temperament is to give them enough work and activity to satisfy that working dog inside them.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good Apartment Dogs?

If you live in an apartment complex, you will need to take them running, hiking and swimming with you whenever you get the opportunity. If you instead are living in a house, you might want to give them a toy cart or anything else to carry around with them. You also need to have a large fenced area where they can run free. Of course, the ideal setting would be a farm where they can work and also run around as much as possible.

Bernese Mountain Dog in the snow

Given that they are large dogs, the Bernese Mountain Dog temperament takes some time to mature. The puppies, especially, will not realize how big they are and might try to jump on you because they want to cuddle! As the puppy grows older, these same jumping movements can push you over and knock you down. This kind of behavior can be dangerous for both you and your dog. That being said, it is important to train Bernese Mountain Dogs from when they are small puppies. Given that they are working dogs that were bred to hunt and help around the fields, they will do great in basic obedience training and agility classes. The Bernese Mountain Dog temperament is such that they need to be mentally challenged so that they will be less likely to cause chaos in the house by getting bored and destroying your furniture, clothes and shoes.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is naturally shy and reserved, especially around people whom he does not know. If they are not socialized from an age, they can become timid and suspicious. This is not something desirable in any dog but especially not so in a dog as large as a Burnese Mountain Dog. You want them to be socialized so that they can learn to trust people and to get to know them. You can them to meet people of all ages, and also expose them to as many new experiences as possible. This should be done between the ages of eight and fourteen weeks when they are still very young puppies.

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  1. There is some misleading information in your article. The bernese mountain dog is NOT an active dog. They are lazy and do not make good dogs to go running with. In fact, if you go running with them too often, you will mostly cause more harm than done as they are very prone to hip dysplasia and heat stroke. They are great for families that do not have highly energetic lifestyle.

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