Bloodhound Temperament

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Bloodhound Temperament

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Bloodhound Temperament

Bloodhound Overview

The Bloodhound Temperament is known for being even-tempered, stubborn, affectionate and gentle.

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The Bloodhound temperament makes them an excellent family dog. They love children and will run around with them in the yard until both the kids and the dog are exhausted. That being said, they might not be that well suited for younger children just because of their size. Often, Bloodhounds do not realize how big they really are. This makes it hard for them to hang around little toddlers because they might unintentionally hurt them by running into them without really meaning to. Bloodhounds also have a habit of saying hi to everyone by putting their feet on them and sitting on them, which they need to be trained not to do. If there is a little child that is a Bloodhound’s friend, the Bloodhound temperament is such that they will jump on them from joy just to say hi and might unintentionally hurt the kid. They also have a tendency to walk through things instead of around them, which might become painful for you and your children! These are something to consider as you think about whether Bloodhounds are suitable for your family.

Are Bloodhounds Good Apartment Dogs?

The Bloodhounds are very large dogs. They are so big that their tail can clear an entire coffee table with one wag! This is important for you to consider as you think of bringing a Bloodhound to your life. This is why, even though the Bloodhound temperament makes them an excellent family dog, they are not very well suited for apartment living and should be in a house that has an enclosed backyard. They are a rowdy breed that needs to be allowed to be playful and get out their excessive energy. While they only need a couple of walks a day, they should sometimes be allowed to romp around the neighborhood. People who are outdoorsy should consider getting a Bloodhound because these dogs love to be able to hike, swim, run and fetch! They are intelligent dogs and need to be given some mental stimulation in addition to the physical activity. You need to play interactive games with them and let them do things that will lead to problem solving or tracking activities.

Bloodhound sniffing

Are Bloodhounds Easy to Train?

Bloodhound Temperament have an independent streak that makes them stubborn. This also makes them a challenge to train. They are intelligent dogs that just need to get the right motivation. They also need to have a very confident master that is ready to be consistent with them and show them the way. This does not mean that the owner treats them harshly or disciplines them because those will only make them shut down and not respond to you at all. Instead, the Bloodhounds respond well to lots of treats and positive reinforcement. They are eager to please if and when they are motivated correctly.

The Bloodhound temperament is that of a tracking dog. They are the happiest when they are able to track and so they should be enrolled in tracking activities so that they can remain mentally stimulated. Search and rescue teams and law enforcement sometimes use them to find criminals and missing children.

Are Bloodhounds Good Family Dogs?

Bloodhounds turn into big babies and have a hard time maturing until a later age. This is why owners need to be prepared for their extended puppyhood. This means that they will be chewing, barking and doing a lot of jumping for a while before they grow out of it. This also means that housetraining them can take a longer time.

Bloodhound on the grass

One of the key features of the Bloodhound temperament is baying, especially if they are left alone or at night. They should NOT be left alone outside at night or else the entire neighborhood will be up! They can suffer from severe separation anxiety because they love to spend their time with their families and friends. If you will be leaving them alone for even short periods of time, make sure that they have had enough exercise to keep their minds satisfied for a while so that they do not become destructive. They are also big drool machines which means that when they cuddle up with you, expect to have your couches filled with slobber.

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