Border Collie Temperament

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Border Collie Temperament

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Border Collie Temperament

Border Collie Overview

The Border Collie Temperament is known for being tenacious, intelligent, energetic, responsive and alert.

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Are Border Collies Good Family Dogs?

The Border Collie Temperament is suitable for active families. They were bred to be herding dogs and have the tendency to want to protect its family and be naturally watchful towards strangers.

Border Collies are known to one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. This is why, they need to be given a lot of mental and physical activities. They have to be constantly mentally stimulated. This can prove to be challenging even for some experienced dog owners. They need at least two hours of activities a day in order for them to stray away from behavioral problems. Border Collies are well known for developing serious behavioral problems such as chewing, scratching, etc so it is important to keep this in mind. The Border Collie temperament is such that when not allowed to be active for long period of time (which means 24 hours for them) they can develop anxiety, which makes them become destructive. A lot of people are attracted to Border Collies since they medium build and energy seems suitable for families of all sizes but if your family does not lead an active lifestyle, this is NOT the dog for you!

Border Collie looking up

Are Border Collies Good Apartment Dogs?

It is possible to have a Border Collie while living in apartments but it is important that if this is what you’re doing, you’re still letting your Border Collie get all the physical activities that they need per day. We have a neighbor in our apartment complex with a Border Collie and she takes the dog running for six miles every single day to make it up to the dog. The Border Collie temperament is ideal for living in houses that have big spaces, such as back yards, where the Border Collie can run around. They were bred to be around flocks of sheep and keep them in line so they can spend hours running around and still not being tired. Being working dogs, they are happiest when they are being “worked”. It might even be a good idea to let your Border Collie carry a weighted bag while you are walking, jogging or hiking with them. If you have a farm, you should have them work with you! Farmers will for sure have a very loyal and energetic employee with them if and when they get a Border Collie to be a part of their business.

The Border Collie temperament is very well suited for agility classes. In fact, they are famous for being champions at Frisbee and agility classes. They are also very watchful and alert, which makes them great watchdogs. In fact, many have described Border Collies as a little paranoid so you will always be well protected by them. They love being able to complete a new duty, so putting them in advanced training and agility classes will be a great idea!

Border Collie face

Are Border Collies Easy to Train?

The Border Collie is a very intelligent dog and so they are excellent problem solvers. Training them should be quite easy as long as someone is willing to put in the time and effort. It is important to train the Border Collie temperament early so that they can used to the way of life you and your family lead. They tend to be very sensitive dogs so it is important to train them with a lot of positive reinforcement and treats, instead of harsh words or punishment.

The Border collie temperament makes them likely to want toe escape from enclosed spaces. They get distracted easily when they smell or see something they like. When this happens, they might dog, jump and even open fences that have locks. They love to explore so you want to be the one to take them to explore for long and often so that they do not feel the need to escape and do this themselves.

It is important for the Border Collies to be socialized with other dogs and human beings from an early age. If this is not done, they can become aggressive towards other dogs and strangers because they have not learned to trust them. Sometimes, since herding is in their blood, Border Collies have been known to try to herd people, children and other animals. This makes training crucial for them. This also makes it important to not let your Border Collie off a leash in an open area where there are bikes and cars that they might randomly start chasing after.

Border Collie in snow

Border Collies love their humans. If left alone for a long time, the Border Collie temperament is such that they might develop separation anxiety. When this happens, they will chew, dig, bark, howl, and even dig up holes in the carpet and ground. They do this to mentally stimulate themselves and keep themselves from getting bored. If you will be leaving a Border Collie home, it is important that you properly exercise them so that they can rest while you’re gone. You can also give them their favorite treat or toy to keep them busy while you’re gone so that they do not feel your absence.

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  1. we just aquired a male border collie he is nine years old , male weighs in at 55 lbs we have not had him very
    long but he has taken to us very well he afectionate and loyal and loving . i took him for a walk tonight–
    i said to him lets go home he bolted for home so fast he pulled me right off my feet onto the ground he came right back to me and laid down beside me until i was able to get back on my feet I thought was a very smart
    thing and realy shows his loyality and affection to me “what a smart dog”!

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