Boxer Temperament

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Boxer Temperament

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Boxer Overview

The boxer temperament is characterized by brightness, loyalty, playfulness, friendliness, bravery and intelligence.

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Boxers are great watchdogs and having amazing guard dog capabilities. They are very alert and respond to the slightest of noises. They are very protective of their families and when they see strangers, they will make a very unique boxer noise that is quite unlike the noise of any other dog. They make this noise in hopes of attracting attention. This makes the boxer a great watchdog. Their stocky, menacing and muscular body makes them a very good guard dog. They have a lot of punch packed into their compact bodies. They are very powerful, and strong enough to fight big dogs like Doberman Pinschers and Pit Bulls. Anyone who seems a boxer will be careful to approach the people or the home of the boxer.

Even though boxers can look very strong-willed and strange from a distance, they are actually very friendly dogs that love being playful and loving as family companions. The boxer temperament is suitable for many environments. They get along very well with other pets. This includes cats! They are also very loyal and amazingly good with children, even the little ones!

Are Boxers Good Apartment Dogs?

Boxers have a very high energy level from puppyhood. As they grow into adulthood, they do not seem to lose that puppy love for romping around and playing twenty-four hours a day. They need a lot of vigorous exercise, every single day. They need to be taken out on long walks around the apartment complex, yard or neighborhood. They also need to have a lot of time to RUN, not just walk around. If there were an area where they can run leash free, that would be ideal for the boxer temperament. If not. They also do not mind running with their owners so if you are someone who likes to do a lot of physical activities like speed walking, running, biking, swimming, hiking, etc please take the boxer with you. You guys can bond and he or she will have the time of their lives!

Brown boxer with funny look on his face

Even though boxers need to do a lot of physical activities, we need to be very careful about the weather around them when they are out and about. They are prone to getting heat strokes and so they should not be exercised heavily in very hot weather.

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