Brittany Temperament

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Brittany Temperament

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Brittany temperament

Brittany Overview

The Brittany Temperament is known to be adaptable, quick, attentive, agile, happy and intelligent.

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Brittanys are a happy and energetic breed. They love to be outdoors since they were bred to be hunting dogs. As a loyal friend, Brittanys love to go on hunting expeditions and outdoor trips with their human beings. They also love being active in general and this might mean just playing with the children in the backyard of a house! The Brittany Temperament is known to be even-tempered. They are very loyal to their pack (their human and pet family members). You can always count on the Brittanys to be happy and affectionate companions to any family or home!

Are Brittanys Good Apartment Dogs?

Although the Brittany looks like a medium-sized dog that can very well live in an apartment or a condominium, they are usually better suited for a larger space such as a house with a large yard or an open farm that has a lot of space to run. They need to be doing several hours of strenuous exercises to be able to keep themselves mentally stimulated. Regular walks in the neighborhood will not be enough for the Brittany Temperament. It will not satisfy their daily activity requirements. This is why, even though Brittanys are very loyal and loving, they make great companion dogs for those who lead very active lifestyles. They are not the dogs for the elderly or people who like being couch potatoes. The Brittany Temperament is well suited for hunting families and people who like spending time out in the fields. They will work really closely with hunters. As sturdy dogs, they will happily be able to put up with searching for, hunting and retrieving birds.

The Brittanys were bred to be gun dogs. This means that it was their duty to be able to aid bird hunters on the field to retrieve a bird. This is an important thing for all new Brittany owners to remember. It is this hunting bloodline of theirs that makes it necessary for them to have activities that keeps them mentally stimulated and physically active. You can take them hiking, biking, running, jogging and swimming with you to give them a variety of ways in which they can get their exercise done.

Brittany in front of grass

Are Brittanys Easy to Train?

Brittanys are quite trainable. Since they are working hunting dogs, they do really well in agility courses. They are also well suited for advanced obedience classes. They are able to follow directions and can be trained with consistency and positive reinforcement. They are very sensitive dogs and can get upset if they are treated harshly. If you are being loud or rowdy with your Brittany, he or she might shut down and you will not be able to train them. Instead, try giving them treats and lots of love! They need to be taught the basic commands but probably not most of the hunting skills since those are hardwired into them.

It is important for Brittany owners to give them ample opportunities for socialization with small dogs, pets and children from an early age so that they can learn to build those relationships and trust others. They can be a little shy and might become timid in front of new people and when confronted with new situations.

Brittany at the beach

Because Brittanys are such people dogs, they can become upset when they are left alone for long periods of time. They can be very sensitive to being left alone and tend to get separation anxiety. This is why, when you leave the house you should give them their favorite toy or treat to keep them busy and then sneak out. This will hopefully get them to think that being alone could possibly be a positive thing. You also might want to consider not leaving them alone for long periods of time.

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