Bull Terrier Temperament

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Bull Terrier Temperament

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Bull Terrier temperament

Bull Terrier Overview

The Bull Terrier Temperament is known for being keen, trainable, active, protective and sweet!

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They are usually described as a very fun and comical breed that love to be around their people. They are very fun loving creatures that are known for their courage. They love being active and really enjoy being around their people, maybe a little too much sometimes! The Bull Terrier temperament is such that they need to have companionship from their humans, as well as supervision of all their activities. They love to be around children but sometimes they might like to play rough and that is not suitable for younger children. From a young age, they also need to be trained to understand that they need to be gentle while dealing with human beings, especially children. If their behavior is not trained and supervised, the Bull Terrier temperament is such that they might knock down children and walk all over them without even knowing about it.

The Bull Terriers are very active dogs that are interested in being able to do things. The Bull Terrier temperament is such that they need to be kept busy so that they can feel like there is a purpose in their lives. Given that there is such a high physical activity requirement, the Bull Terrier is not a dog that is suitable for everyone. They need to constantly be able to go on runs, hikes and even swims! They love to be able to play fetch and solve puzzles that are found in interactive toys. A bored Bull Terrier can become destructive by chewing on things and digging up holes in the ground.

Bull Terrier puppy

Are Bull Terriers Easy to Train?

The Bull Terrier temperament makes them very easily trainable. Since they love their humans so much, they love to be the center of attention and will do anything to please people. They need to, however, be doing things that will be appealing to them. If it is not fun and does not come with rewards, they might not want to do it. This is why it is important to keep their training short and sweet, but consistent so that they can find it appealing. If you have a more militaristic approach to training, the Bull Terrier and you yourself might be left feeling unsatisfied and depressed. Reward them with a lot of positive reinforcement and remain confident and consistent with them to have a really well trained Bull Terrier temperament. All this makes it important for a Bull Terrier to have an experienced and willing trainer. If you are not experienced, you can enroll yourself in classes with an experienced trainer who can help you understand the Bull Terrier temperament and make your life with the dog very long and happy.

Even when a Bull Terrier has been completely trained as a puppy, they might grow up and decide to test their boundaries and even assert dominance. In this case, you need to remain calm and assertive. You are the leader of the pack and as long as you remain consistent, they will learn to respect you and follow your lead.

Bull Terrier with boy

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  1. Landy Blignaut on


    My Bull Terrier is 7 Months old got her trained to socialize with other dogs , she now has broken her back Fibia bone, and the vet strapped it , but as you should know they jump like any other buck would love to jump.
    And I think that’s how she broke it. She is now going back to the vet for other strapping to be done as she bite the strapping off.
    Should it be good to not put the strapping on and let it grow back on it’s own. Please let me know.

    Thank you very much

    Terrier lover


    • My dog is 7 mths old, male.. We walk him on a daily basis, he’s got lots of hoofs and bones to thew on and he got a female poodle which he adore to play with.. At night when we watch tv he cries like a babay until you scratch him? When you stop he starts to bite you untill you scratch again??? We play a lot wit him but we do not understand this? This is realy getting on my nerve and I think we bought a dog which is not suitable for our family..

  2. My 4 month old male bullterrier started biting our other dog when we are around,
    this stress the whole family because we love both of them.
    What can we do?

    • I would be interested in what you have done since November with the dogs. We also have a Bully and a chihuahua size mutt. We have been struggling for months with the same thing. Last night our Bully almost killed our little dog. We love them both but we can’t possibly expect to keep them both apart for the rest of their lives. I don’t know what to do! She has NEVER shown any kind of aggression towards anyone or anything but the small dog!

    • be the dominat dog so to to say. if u look at a wolf pac only the alfa displines. its just jelousy comming out make sure u give him the same attention. rember be the dominant dog if not he will keep on doing this

    • I don’t know if you have had any reply but considering your dogs age, it sounds as if he is stretching his muscles. They like to be dominant. I wouldn’t separate them, just show him that the behavior is not acceptable by berating him and putting him in a ‘naughty ‘ corner. Bullies love to to be around humans and the centre of attention but they will learn between right and wrong.
      They are not like other dogs, thats what makes them special.

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