Bulldog Temperament

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Bulldog Temperament

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Bulldog Temperament

Bulldog Overview

Bulldogs are the name for a breed of dogs that is commonly known as the English bulldog. There are other Bulldog breeds as well, including the American Bulldog, French bulldog, etc. Bulldog temperament varies greatly depending on the breed.

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The English bulldog is a medium, stocky dog that can sometimes have an intimidating appearance. This is because they are so grumpy looking! The English bulldog is actually a dog with one of the gentlest temperaments.

The bulldog is known to be a very good watchdog and an excellent guard dog. They might not look like that because of their lazy appearance but the bulldog really knows how to pack a punch in very little space. They are very determined animals and do not give up easily. The Bulldog temperament is one of great persistence.

Are Bulldogs Good Family Dogs?

Bulldogs are very much people dogs. They are known to be an affectionate and dependable animal. They are gentle with children and are always seeking out attention from human beings. The persistent bulldog temperament also shows through in their role as a family dog, because they try to squeeze out as much of the human love and attention as they can!

The Bulldog temperament can one of a stubbornness and leading because of the way in which they were historically bred. They are descendants of the Asiatic mastiffs and were given the name bull because they were used in bull baiting. They also have a robust shape that makes them look like a little bull. They were bred to be aggressive, courageous and ferocious so that they could fight full-grown bulls. They would attack the bull from the bottom, aim for it’s neck and make it very difficult for the bull to fight back. That being said, the bulldog  temperament of today is very different than that of his ancestors. It still does keep some of the skills, and can display them if you let them. The bulldog’s history shows the importance of a bulldog having a dominating leader who is patience, gentle, yet a great leader for them.

Sad looking bulldog with red eyes

Sometimes bulldogs can become the alpha dog and try to be the leader of the pack. This happens in the households where the owner displays weakness, is skittish and does not provide consistency for the bulldog. This can happen if you are lacking leadership skills and do not understand the alpha canine behavior or the bulldog. On the other hand, a bulldog that understands his place in the human pack as a dog with a master, and not the leader, can prove to be very reliable and nice to all people.

Often times, when bulldogs establish themselves as the leader of the pack, they may display aggression towards other human beings and dogs. Bulldogs may at this point display strange guarding behavior, such as guarding furniture, their food, toys, or even other spots in the house. This is a display of the bulldog temperament that has been allowed to take over. This can easily be corrected as well, if and when the owner starts to display proper leadership skills. Bulldogs, just like other dogs, that feel that they have the run of the home are not as happy as their counterparts who are followers of their human friends instead.  It can actually be very stressful for a bulldog to try to keep his humans in line instead!

When bulldogs are young, they often display a lot of energy. This is true for a lot of dogs during their puppy stages, especially since the food they are eating and the growth spurts that they go through can be so different than that of an adult dog. As they grow older, the bulldog temperament becomes more slower, even to the point where they like to spend a lot of time doing nothing.

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