Cane Corso Temperament

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Cane Corso Temperament

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Cane Corso temperament

Cane Corso Overview

The Cane Corso Temperament is known for being quite, reserved, calm, stable, even-tempered and trainable.

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The Cane Corso temperament is not that of a fighting dog. They were bred hundreds of years ago to be powerful working dogs who help their masters with all their projects, no matter how big or how small those are.This makes them a working dog and not a fighting dog. When they meet other dogs, they are not looking to instigate or to start a fight, but they are also not the kind of dogs to get bullied around. The Cane Corso temperament makes it so that these dogs will fight back and not give up if another dog is attacking them or if another dog tries to dominate them!

Are Cane Corsos Good Family Dogs?

The Cane Corso temperament makes them a great family dog. They are huge people pleasers and will do anything to become the center of attention. They are also very quite around the house, which makes the Cane Corso Temperament suitable for quite people and for the elderly who might prefer a quieter atmosphere. These Italian dogs are large and make excellent watchdogs because they are very protective of their owners and their families. They are also great with children because the Cane Corso Temperament makes them so that they are loving and gentle, yet protective! Cane Corsos are also very stable which makes them suitable for younger children. Given their muscular built, they can be very powerful guard dogs who will do anything for the ones that he or she considers to be a part of their pack. If necessary, they will bravely protect their people and property. They are people dogs and love to stay in close vicinity of their humans.

Cane Corso in the snow

Despite the fact that they are a little bit bulky looking, the Cane Corso temperament is such that they need to be kept engaged in athletic activities. They are very energetic fogs that thrive on being able to regularly exercise. They do not need the amount of exercise that a Border Collie or even an Australian Shepherd, require but they do need to be able to walk around and get some of that nervous energy out. They will be happy walking around the house, protecting their pack and being able to go hiking, walking, running and swimming with their humans.

Are Cane Corsos Easy to Train?

A crucial part of the Cane Corso temperament is that they are very intelligent dogs. They are very willing to please which makes them quite easy to train. That being said, they need the companionship of a loving, firm and stable human being who has had experience training dogs. It is very important of the owner and trainer to be able to establish themselves as the leader of the pack so that the dog does not question their authority. It is also helping to train the Cane Corso from an early age because they grow very fast and the smaller they are, the easier they are to train. They need someone who will be consistent with them and will provide them with a lot of positive reinforcement during training. Make sure that you are carrying a lot of treats with you so that they feel rewarded throughout the process.

Fawn Cane Corso

The Cane Corse temperament makes them a quite breed. They are not known for being too noisy and they remain calm and quite throughout the day. They like being indoors, walking around the house, patrolling the area like active policemen and being on the look out for any danger (or a small mouse for that matter) that is coming their way. If the Cane Corse is alarmed, they will swiftly transform from a docile, placid pet to a very vicious and dangerous dog that will do anything to protect itself and it’s clan. This is why it is very important to train them to follow your directions quickly at times like this.

Unless socialized from a very early age, the Cane Corso might cause the animal to be hostile towards other pets who they see as intruders in their territory. They can also become dominant towards other dogs in the neighborhood.

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