Chihuahua Temperament

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 Chihuahua Temperament

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Chihuahua Temperament

Chihuahua Overview

The Chihuahua Temperament is known to be very devoted, alert, lively, courageous and quick. They are a vert small dog breed and might be less than four pounds sometimes but that does not keep the Chihuahua Temperament from being sassy!

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Are Chihuahuas Friendly?

Overall, the Chihuahua Temperament is said to be good and reliable. They are great companions for their human friends. They are very affectionate dogs. That being said, they are also very smart dogs and can be manipulative by being very affectionate and winning hearts. The Chihuahua will give as much love as possible to their owners. That being said, they demand that you give them the same amount of love and affection. Loyalty is part of the Chihuahua Temperament and they will stick by their owners through the thick and the thin. Sometimes, this loyalty can turn to jealousy. This is especially true for Chihuahua owners who have small children. They can also become very suspicious of people who they do not know because they are so bonded to their owners and want to not only protect them but also to keep them all to themselves!

On the same note, Chihuahua tend to suffer from the small dog syndrome and do not always get along with other dogs. This is why it is important to socialize them from the time that they are young puppies. Sometimes, if not socialized and trained, they can get aggressive towards big dogs. Just like with all other dog breeds, you can work with this part of the Chihuahua Temperament since it depends also partly on how you decide to bring up your dog. Bad habits are hard to break, and so you don’t want to have them to begin with!

Are Chihuahuas Good Apartment Dogs?

Given that Chihuahuas are a very small dog, they are very courageous and lively! The fact that they are small does not keep the Chihuahua Temperament from pretending to be the ruler of the household. This is why there is a need of a strong leader of the pack in the Chihuahuas’ household.

Chihuahua in blue vest

Given that they are very small, Chihuahuas move very swiftly to avoid any action that is taking place that they do not want to be a part of. Since they are so small, they are also perfect dogs for apartment living. They do not need to run for hours, but they do need to be taken on long walks so that they can get rid of their pent up energy and be able to prevent them from being destructive.

Are Chihuahuas Easy to Train?

Chihuahua Temperaments are not as easy to tame because they are proud and enterprising creatures. They are very strong-willed creatures who will do what they want to do and when they want to do it. That being said, the opposite is true as well. When Chihuahuas wants to learn, they will do so effectively and quickly. They respond very well to a bunch of treats and positive reinforcement. They love getting attention and so if they know that their behavior is getting them attention, they will put in the work (good or bad).

It is important to train a Chihuahua Temperament from when the Chihuahua is a puppy. If this is not done, the Chihuahua can become very loud and bark in a high-pitched voice to everyone in sight. They will do this in instances when they want more food from you, when you arrive home, when you don’t arrive home and whenever anyone else arrives anywhere near your home. With proper training, you can teach them to stop when you say “stay” or “no”.

Finally, if you need a little sassiness in your life, the Chihuahua Temperament is really what you need. They will rule your world with those big eyes, big ears, and an uncanny ability of mischief. They are the perfect lap dog since they love to be warm on their human’s lap.

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  1. My Chihuahuas,
    I have two “best friends” Chihuahuas. The boy, he’s name is Puppy. He is not a puppy any more. When he was a puppy he was the fastest dog I have ever seem. He will see a plane from very far away and like, Superman he would try to flight and catch it! He is great with people. The new Neighbor will always get the reapect they deserve but not their dogs! When he sees a dog he will start barking and pulling to get loose. However as soon as other dog aproch him his mood gets better and soon enough he start playing with his new friend. Now lets talk about Pinky. She is one of the fattest chihuahuas alive! My son put her on Instagram and in one week she had over 500 followers! I’veen in Instagram for couple years and only have one follower, and its not even a real one, you know the trick, you follow yourself. But going back to Pinky, she is very attach to us. She wants to be spoil all the time. However like in every marriage, she is in charge. She will lay by the food so Puppy dont eat it. Over all, theyre part of the family and we couldnt live without them… I will see you guys soon, i got to go walk them!

  2. I love Chihuahuas, but my mom and dad think they are annoying by their bark.:yap yap yap yap yap
    Sorry to say this to people who didn’t like what I just wrote above.



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