Chow Chow Temperament

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Chow Chow Temperament

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Chow Chow Temperament 101

The Chow Chow temperament is known for being aloof, quiet, loyal and independent.

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Chow Chow Origins

The Chow Chow temperament hails from its origins in China. Today, they are excellent guard dogs because they were bred to hunt pheasants and wolves and even to guard boats and pull carts for cargo. Their physical features are enough to show their strength. The Chow Chow is a very sturdily built dog. They have a broad skull and small, triangular ears that stand erect and have rounded tips. Their fur is thicker on the neck, giving them a distinctive mane kind of appearance. They can sometimes look like a cross between a bear and a lion.

Are Chow Chows Good With People?

The Chow Chow temperament makes them a very loyal addition to a family. They need to be treated with love and respect in order for them to be loving and respectful towards others. They tend to get very deeply attached to their owners and family members and want to protect them until death. This can make them quite aggressive towards others unless trained properly to respond well to their owner’s commands. They can also be fiercely protective of their property. They can be aloof towards strangers. All this makes the Chow Chow temperament suitable only for experienced dog owners who have a lot of time and energy to spend on their training and socialization.

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Chow Chows are known to have an independent streak in them that makes them seem like more of a cat than dog. They can be very proud and arrogant. They would also like to think that they don’t need to have their humans around although they’re super close to their humans. In the same way, they don’t care what strangers think of them and usually would prefer to be left alone.

Do Chow Chows Make Good Pets?

Owning a Chow Chow at times can raise the cost of homeowner’s property because some companies see them to be high-risk dogs. They are not, however, excessively active and so they can live in apartments as long as they are taken in daily walks and provided with ample opportunities to exercise so that they do not feel bored. A bored Chow Chow’s temperament can be unpredictable. When Chow Chow’s understand that exercise and physical stimulation is something that happens daily, they will be more assertive towards their owners during when these activities have not been done.

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