Collie Temperament

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Collie Temperament

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Collie Temperament

Collie Overview

The Collie temperament is known to be protective, intelligent, loyal, gentle, friendly and active.

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Are Collies Good Family Dogs?

Collies are great family dogs because the love to be around their humans and protect them. They get along with everyone in the family, no matter how big or small they are!

The Collie temperament is known for being mild-mannered. They get along well with other dogs and different animals in general. They were bred to be herding dogs and so need to be taught not to try to herd smaller animals and even their humans! This is why socializing your Collie with different animals, humans and environments from a very young age are extremely necessary to keep their negative tendencies at bay.

Collies usually have an uncanny sense of direction. This might also be something that they have kept from their herding days.

Are Collies Easy to Train?

The Collie temperament is easy to train because they are very intelligent dogs. They can easily be housebroken because they are known to be a very clean dog.

They can, however, sometimes be stubborn and might not be willing to be trained. This is why they need to be given a lot of positive reinforcement, treats and love while they are being trained. Make sure to be very consistent will your Collie as you are training them. If you establish yourself as the firm, yet gentle, pack leader you will win your Collie’s respect and they will be more than willing to be trained by you! Stay confident in your abilities if you want them to believe that you are the leader.

Smiling Collie

Given that the Collie temperament is very active, Collies should be allowed to move on to advanced obedience and agility classes that will keep them mentally stimulated and challenged!

Are Collies Good Apartment Dogs?

Collies can get very frustrated and bored if they are not allowed to lead an active lifestyle. Often times, Collies will need to go on 6-mile runs in the morning and still might have some pent up energy. Before you take your Collie for a swim, however, make sure that they like water! Some owners have commented that Rough Collies do not like to be in the water because their coats get very wet. Some smooth Collies, however, have become very successful search and rescue dogs! Besides swimming, you can take your Collie hiking, biking, and jogging with you. You can also play fetch with them but this needs to be done in an open area where they can run for a while. You really need to be someone who enjoys leading an active lifestyle if you are going to have a Collie in your life.

Collies can also be used as service dogs, guard dogs and search and rescue dogs. They love playing the role of a work dog so give them a duty to keep them busy and active and they will be able to lead a long, healthy life alongside you as your best friend!


As mentioned earlier, Collies were bred to be herding dogs and thus come with very alert senses. This makes them great watchdogs. Their study, athletic built bodies also make them moderately good guard dogs. They are not aggressive but they do tend to be suspicious of people they have never met before.

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