Dachshund Temperament

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Dachshund Temperament

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Brown Dachshund puppy with gleaming eyes sitting on the carper.

Dachshund Overview

Dachshund temperament is known to be clever, devoted, playful, courageous, lively and stubborn.

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Given that they have a tiny body and are a small dog breed, it is really amazing how much personality they are able to pack into it! They are a huge people pleaser and have their own fan clubs. In fact, there are people out there who do not want to adopt anything else but dachshunds’ because that’s the dog’s personality and temperament matches theirs!

Just like many other small breeds, the dachshund temperament has a lot to do with their small dog syndrome. They can be very loud with other small and big dogs, but they are not the ones to follow through with their threats. They love their human beings and love being the center of attention. This is why, they are excellent canine companions for people who are single or just live living by themselves and want to share tons of time with their lovely little dachshunds! There is a little diva insider every single dachshund that need that attention and get feisty when they do not receive enough of it!

Dachshunds do not need of high-level activity to keep themselves healthy and happy. This means that you do not need to take them running for two hours a day and they for sure do not need a daily swim to work those muscles. That being said, the dachshund temperament needs to be tamed by taking them on daily walks and allowing them to be able to get out there and run around sometimes! You can let them just run around in your household but the best thing for them would probably be a fenced in yard. They love to chase small birds, and other animals, and so they might have fun in the year. Dachshunds should never be left in a yard by themselves. They were originally bred to dig den animals out of their homes and so they have a very strong instinct to dog. They look like they are very small animals and can be harmless, but again, they pack a lot into their small bodies. They can ruin flowerbeds and even dig under fences in search of having a new adventure!

Dachshund puppy sitting on the grass and looking up

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  1. I got my doxie as an adult dog. She had many problems, peeing and pooping all over the house, she was snappish and bity. But loving discipline and a consistent attitude helped me bring her around. She is now the most fastidious, loving dog anyone could want.
    Belly rubs, treats and car rides are her favorite things. And taking naps with daddy.

  2. We got our doxie puppy at 7 weeks old for our autistic daughter. He is her best friend. He is the most affectionate, clever, playful, cheeky little dog without a vicious bone in his body. We made a point of socialising him as soon as his vaccinations were done. We took him to shopping centres, parks and introduced him to friends and family. Making sure he was handled often by many different people. I think this helped to stop too much possessiveness. He was a little hard to toilet train, mainly through his stubbornness, as he hates the wet weather but we got there in the main at about 6 months old with the odd ‘accident’ until a year old. He especially loves little children but is friendly to everyone. For us he is the perfect dog.

  3. I love my doxie personality. I have a purebred and a mix. The mix is sweetest girl in the world but I miss that real daschund attitude I see in the purebred. But purebred likes the fact she can easily boss thecother around and the heiarchy is always settled.

  4. I have two doxies that I love. I am having problems toilet training then, they love my persians carpets. Any suggestions.

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