Dalmatian Temperament

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Dalmatian Temperament

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Dalmatian Temperament 101

The Dalmatian temperament is known for being outgoing, energetic and sensitive. They are very playful dogs that love to lead an active lifestyle. The Dalmatian temperament is friendly and they are very intelligent dogs. All in all, if you do your research on Dalmatians and keeping the Dalmatian temperament in mind and act accordingly, Dalmatians can make great family pets!

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Dalmatian Origins

The Dalmatian temperament has a lot to do with the purpose for which they were bred. In the 1800s, they were bred to guard carriages and horses for the upper class from the robbers and highwaymen. Their job was to make sure that the stock and the carriage remained untouched and unharmed. Later on, they became were used by the military and also used for performances in the circus. At times, they were also used as mascots for the fire companies. All this makes the Dalmatian temperament that of a very versatile working dog that loves to watch over a house or even over livestock at a farm. Then can also simply be loving family companions.

Are Dalmatians Good With People?

The Dalmatian temperament is such that they love getting attention from their humans. They love to be around their people and want to be included in all kinds of indoor and outdoor family activities. Since they love to led active lifestyles and need ample amounts of exercise every single day, make sure to take them on hikes, bikes, and jogs with you. They also love riding in the passenger seat of the car with their ears flapping and tongues hanging out. They love to be around people in general as well and are very friendly with adults and children alike. They make friends with everyone, but be careful because they’re so exuberant that they sometimes have a hard time containing their excitement and love. The Dalmatian temperament is not suitable for little toddlers because they are such eager dogs and toddlers might get knocked down by a very eager Dalmatian dog. All children should be supervised as they play with Dalmatians to make sure no one gets injured.


All this to say that that Dalmatian temperament is excellent for first time dog owners who are willing to put in the time and energy to train and hang-out with their dogs. They are a joy to live with! A very unique part of the Dalmatian temperament is that these dogs are known for smiling at you. They will be barring their teeth at you and wagging their tail at the same time which can be quite scary until you learn to get used to it!

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