Doberman Pinscher Temperament

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Doberman Pinscher Temperament

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Doberman Pinscher Overview

The Doberman Pinscher temperament is known to be loyal, alert, energetic, fearless, obedient and intelligent.

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Doberman Pinschers temperament can vary depending on the actual dog and the environment that they are in. While some of them might be friendly, others are outgoing. You will see that some of them play a more dominant role in their community by chasing down cats and dogs. Other Doberman Pinschers will be the social butterfly at the dog park, playing with every single dog in site! Strangely enough, some of them are so friendly that they do not might playing or even cuddling with kittens for long naps!

Are Doberman Pinschers Good Family Dogs?

Even though Doberman Pinschers come with a variety of personalities, there are some things that you can find every single one of them. Their loyalty to their pack leader (their humans and family!) is something that they will never forget. Doberman Pinschers are very true to the people that they love and treat everyone with a lot of love, and respect. They are excellent watchdogs and even better guard dogs because of their fearless temperament. They are over protective of their humans but it is not true that they will attack every other dog that they see. Instead, they like to keep intruders at bay by maybe pinning them to a wall, or holding them down while someone else arrives to provide them with assistance. While some may think that they are vicious, they are really just trying to protect the ones that they love from danger. Most Doberman Pinschers are actually huge softies at heart and they just love the companionship of their people and will do anything to keep them safe!

Given that Doberman Pinschers can be so protective, it is very important to train them and train them well. As their owner, you need to prove to them that you have the capacity to be the leader of their pack and that you are able to really hold them accountable for their behavior. You want the Doberman Pinscher temperament to be under control when you give them the directions. If the Doberman Pinscher is trying to protect you from someone and you ask him or her to “stay” instead, you need him or her to be able to listen to you and respond accordingly. Training and showing leadership, as an owner is very important while you think of ways to make your Doberman Pincher’s life with you as amusing and beneficial as possible!

doberman pinscher temperament

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  1. i love dobermans very much and in the near future i’m going to buy it and this information was very helpful! Thanks!

  2. wendy williams on

    I sadly lost my doberman many years ago.On your comments you have made i can relate to more than just one bought back some dear memories.He was a loyal, loveable companion whom i miss still today!

  3. Kenneth Miller on

    We have had dobie’s for 30 years now. 5, in all. I can honestly say that each of these dogs, (we’ve had both male and female), has had a unique personality.
    NEVER mean or vicious, simply protective.
    ALWAYS loving and playful, and they love to stick to you like velcro!
    Training was not difficult, but consistency is the key!
    We kept ours active with softball throwing, frisbee’s and the occasional obstacle course workout.
    Exercise their mind with their body, and you can’t ask for a better dog!

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