French Bulldog Temperament

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French Bulldog Temperament

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White French Bulldog Puppy laying on bright green grass and looking up.

French Bulldog Overview

The French bulldog temperament is known to be athletic, alert, easy-going, patient, bright and keen.

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French bulldogs are known to be some of the best companions that a human being can have. They are very easy to handle because they are small dog breed. You can pick them up and take them with you anywhere that you would want or like to go. They are known to be well behaved in front of other human beings and dogs. They are really great with new people and children.

French bulldogs are sometimes known as the clowns of the Internet world (of course, along with their best friends, the pugs!). They are a little clownish and love to have as much attention as possible, whenever they want and wherever they are. French Bulldogs are known to be people dogs and love to be around their human beings as their companion and shadow.

Are French Bulldogs Good Apartment Dogs?

French bulldogs do not need to lead an extremely active lifestyle. They do not need a lot of exercise, but they should be doing some exercise since they do have a tendency to gain a lot of weight. They love to chase balls and also to play indoors or outdoors during the day, and at night they are happy just being with their humans, curled up and relaxed on the couch. This is why, this breed is great for people who might be at work a lot, someone who loves being a couch potato or even someone who is elderly and unable to be as active as they might previously have been. French bulldogs also get along well with children and can be with families of any size, whether it is big or small.

White French Bulldog with a marron harness.

A French bulldog only needs a couple of fifteen-minute walks per day to be able to maintain his cute, stocky physique. You can also take him on a hike, play ball with him or even walk him around a complex to make him feel happier. French bulldogs make great apartment dogs because they will just take up one corner of the apartment and snore on it all day long. They are also happy being in a big home or even at a large farm for that matter. Really, anything and everything works for them. They do not care too much about what size their home happens to be, but they do care about how much love they are getting out of their owners and their human companions. This is why it is important to give your French bulldog as much unconditional love as possible!

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