German Shepherd Temperament

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German Shepherd Temperament

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German Shepherd Temperament

German Shepherd Overview

A well-bred and well-trained German Shepherd can be an outstanding companion that needs to have a purpose for his or her own life. German Shepherd temperament is one of loyalty. The top three words used to describe a German Shepherd temperament would be courageous, strong and obedient. This is why the police and other government officials use them all the time to help them on the road. They are very confident about their abilities and extremely watchful.

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German Shepherds are detached and alert when around strangers, which makes them an amazing guard dog. They are workings dog that will guard you with their lives. Their main aim in life is to protect and serve their master.

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

The German Shepherd temperament makes it a great family dog. They are always ready for service. In fact, the elderly and disabled use them often as guide dogs. They have also served in K-9 Search and Rescue Units where they have used their intelligence, focus and loyalty to successfully complete the task at hand.

The German Shepherd temperament is one of fearlessness. This is the dog you want by your side if you are a fragile person running alone in the middle of the night in a not-so-safe neighborhood. Although they are very distant towards strangers, once they learn to trust you, their friendship remains forever.

German Shepherds are protective. This is natural for them. This is great because it makes them a top-choice for a family dog. That being said, their love for their family may make them hazardous for all strangers (including the harmless, kind ones) if the owner of the German Shepherd is not careful in training and handling the dog. Despite their intelligence, as dogs, German Shepherds might not be able to distinguish between dangerous and not-so-dangerous strangers or situations. This is why the dog needs to be trained to recognize the difference between a welcome and an unwelcome guest to your household.

German Shepherd running through the grass at full speed.

That being said, the German Shepherd temperament makes them prepared for all tasks, no matter how large. They are big dogs that have a lot of energy in them. They are patient, and learn things fast. They will often not forget what they have learned. While they have a bold temperament, don’t confuse that quality of theirs with an unnecessary aggression or fury!

Since the German Shepherds were bred to be work-dogs, and are very active, they are not meant for people who are couch potatoes or work for 16 hours a day. Their history says that farmers used them for their intelligence. They were Shepherds in reality because they had solid herding skills, and a lot of energy.

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