German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament

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German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament

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German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament

German Shorthaired Pointer Overview

German Shorthaired Pointer temperaments are known for being intelligent, bold, affectionate, trainable, boisterous and cooperative. German Shorthaired Pointers are energetic dogs who have a strong will to please, love learning new commands, and enjoy working with their humans! They can be an excellent watchdog and an even better friend to young children. The German Shorthaired Pointer temperament makes them a perfect working, family dog.

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The German Shorthaired Pointer temperament is that of a work dog. They were bred to be versatile hunting dogs. Hunting is one of their favorite activities. They can spend an entire day on the field with trackers, pointers, and retrievers. While out on the field, they are independent workers who require very little training when it comes to hunting. That being said, this same hunting extinct can distract them and they can start to chase a smell or noise! This can make them a little more difficult to train but there’s nothing some treats, positive reinforcements, short training sessions and a number of varied activities cannot solve!

The German Shorthaired Pointers have webbed feet that they can use to effectively retrieve in water. They also love all water activities, including swimming, so if you are a German Shorthaired Pointer parent, being near a lake is helpful! You can tame the German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament by taking them on hikes around the lake, tossing sticks into the water for them to retrieve and taking them jogging and biking with you. This will make them tired when they get back to your house and will keep them from being anxious and destroying your things. As you can see, if you enjoy spending most of your time on your couch, this might not be the kind of dog for you.

German Shorthaired Pointer in the grass

When outdoors, it is important to keep your German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament in mind and keep them in a leash or in a fenced in yard. They are big chasers since they have the hunting extinct. They will try to run after a bird, cat or even other small animals. If you do keep them in a fenced-in yard, the fence needs to be six feet high at least. The German Shorthaired Pointers can leap way higher than you would think and might try to run, as they are adventurous.

Are German Shorthaired Pointers Good Apartment Dogs?

The German Shorthaired Pointers need quite a high level of activity in their life to maintain their idea German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament. They need to exercise about one to two hours per day at the least. This activity needs to be vigorous. The German Shorthaired Pointers also experience an extended puppyhood and so you will see adult German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament sometimes being the same as that of the puppy German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament. They can be just as bouncy and rowdy as their younger versions.

Are German Shorthaired Pointers Good With Families

The German Shorthaired Pointers can be a great family dog. They love being around being and being outdoors with their friends. They are great will little kids. That being said, the German Shorthaired Pointers is a big dog and can easily knock over a child. The German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament is not well suited for a household will cats, small dogs or even other small animals. Their hunter instinct can overcome them at some point, even if they are raised side-by-side with these small animals. The male German Shorthaired Pointers can display aggression towards the other male dogs, so only females should be brought in the house since they can handle the German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament.

Running and being happy

Since the German Shorthaired Pointers love their families so much, they can get separation anxiety when they are not around their people. This depression can lead them to chew on things, dig and excessively bark. This is why it is important to provide the German Shorthaired Pointer Temperament with enough physical activity so that they are tired and do not feel the anxiety. It is also recommended that German Shorthaired Pointers be brought into families that have someone staying home or people who do not work long hours.

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