Great Dane Temperament

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Great Dane Temperament

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Great Dane Temperament

Great Dane Overview

The Great Dane Temperament is known for being reserved, devoted, gentle, loving, confident and friendly. The Great Dane Temperament is also very friendly.

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Are Great Danes Good Apartment Dogs

The Great Dane is not a very high-energy dog. That being said, while they do not need to run for miles per say, they do need to be doing daily exercise such as walking. If they are not walked regularly, they can become bored and destructive. For puppy Great Danes, you can also add some jogging and running time to their activities or the day just because they tend to be so much more playful. Great Danes do not thrive in areas like kennels where they are sitting silently in the same position for hours at a time. They are so big that it is essential for a Great Dane owner to have some sort of a yard available for them. They might not run in it, but it would keep them from getting bored sitting in a kennel. Great Danes love being a member of the family and really enjoy family activities!

The Great Danes are huge in size and are so sweet that they look like big babies! They were bred to hunt savage European boar. This is what makes the Great Dane Temperament powerful, intelligent, fearless and tenacious. Because of the same hunting need, the Great Dane Temperament was shaped to make them courageous, noble, speedy and enduring so that they were meant to never give up. Even though these days they are not used to hunt boar, they have still been able to keep some of these qualities. This means that the Great Dane is capable of being affectionate companions, but they can also be spirited, courageous and mentally strong guard dogs who will stand up for their humans when they are I need.

Great Dane at dusk

Are Great Danes Easy to Train?

The Great Dane Temperament needs to be tamed and trained from when they are puppies. Like all puppies, Great Dane puppies are very energetic and they are always jumping, leaping and galloping like horse. Given their sheer size, they can be very dangerous for innocent strangers who might tend to excite them. This is why training them is so important so that you can ask them to “sit” and “stay” where there are strangers who might feel frightened by them. The Great Dane temperament also includes being protective, so from a young age they should be encouraged not to be overprotective or too aggressive. To keep these dogs as gentle ambassadors of this giant breed, Dane owners should always be vigilant and keep their dogs under complete control when in public, and securely contained when at home.

Great Danes are know for being of average intelligence but they are actually very easy to housebreak and train. They do well in obedience classes and can follow commands such as sit, stay, down, come and heel quite easily. They can also be in agility classes since they were bred to be working dogs. As a breed, the Great Dane temperament includes a strong want to please and so treats and positive reinforcement can work really well while trying to train a Great Dane.

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