Greyhound Temperament

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Greyhound Temperament

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Greyhound Temperament 101

The greyhound temperament is known for being even-tempered, gentle, intelligent, athletic, quiet and affectionate. They are great for apartments and do well indoors.

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Greyhound Origins

As a racing dog, many greyhounds have never experienced human hugs because they have been taken from their mothers and trained to chase on a race track. Many greyhounds lead their lives being ferried from one track to another in race trucks. At times they have also been treated as athletic equipment. All this to say that, if you are researching greyhound temperament because you are trying to adopt a retired racer, please give them the time to adjust to this new life. It will take time for them to become a family pet that really isn’t expected to do much except be loving and be loved.

How Much Exercise Do Greyhounds Need?

The greyhound temperament is such that they do not need to have a ton of exercise daily. In fact, greyhounds are known for being 45-miles an hour couch potatoes. They are known to be world class nappers who love to cuddle with their huge body sitting right next to or even on top of their humans. The sweet and affectionate greyhound temperament makes them bond with their families quickly and closely, and will follow them along, going from room to room just to be with their humans. The greyhound temperament makes them apartment dogs that do not do well when they are isolated from their human pack. They do not demand any sort of affection but the greyhound temperament thrives from it.

Are Greyhounds Friendly?

The greyhound temperament can be found to be aloof or even reserved with strangers. This is because they need relationships to be established before they can be free and friendly with everyone. Because of the way in which they were bred, there is a stigma against greyhound temperament and a lot of people tend to think that they are anti-humans. This is absolutely not true.
The greyhound temperament is that of an extremely intelligent dog breed. They are able to adjust quite well to the going from being a racing dog to a family dog. They love to enjoy their squeaky little toys and lounge on their cozy beds. They adore the pampering of their family members and would love to spend hours sitting by their side. Part of the greyhound temperament includes their want to “retrieve” or “collect” things. This can be quite a quirky but extremely endearing trait. They love to collect household items such as small placement mats, alarm clocks, and really anything and everything else and take it to their crate with them. These little treasures will give them comfort. They are also sometimes known for sleeping with their eyes open. Make sure to call the dog’s name before approaching them in these instances instead of just walking up to them so that they do not get scared or startled.

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