Greyhound Temperament

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Since greyhounds are extremely intelligent dogs, they are great for any sort of agility and obedience training. They also do well in lure coursing or conformation training. Of course, they can race train and compete to win in different competitions.

The greyhound temperament can be mistaken for being aggressive and threatening to other dogs even though this is not the case. They are dogs that have to be muzzled during races to prevent injuries from taking place during or right after a race when the ‘hare’ has disappeared out of sight but the dogs are still excited even though they’re not racing. The thin skin on the greyhound’s body can tear easily from the nick of teeth and so any minor rough housing can result in stitches for a greyhound and time out from a race. When an owner knows that part of his or her greyhound temperament is to have a high prey-drive, they may choose to keep the muzzle on beyond the race to protect small animals.

The greyhound temperament is suitable for children who are trained to act properly around dogs. Greyhounds can be very tolerant of children but they’re not the ‘rough and tumble’ kind of dog and should not be treated as such playmates. If a child decides to be disrespectful to a greyhound and pulls their ears, take their toys away from them or jump on them while they’re trying to eat, don’t be surprised if the greyhound decides to push back or even nip. I would too. The greyhound temperament is not as suitable for little toddlers just because of their sheer size as one of the largest dogs in the world. As the tallest dog in the world, they can absolutely run over a dog when they’re too excited or when they are trying to play with a small child.

Are Greyhounds Good With Children?

The greyhound temperament also gets along with other dog breeds as long as they have been socialized with dogs of many different breeds. They are also very social and friendly towards other animals but Greyhounds are well-known for having a high prey drive and should never be left alone with small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, cats or even tiny dog breeds. Even if you determine your greyhound temperament to be suitable for your small pets, still makes sure to be very careful as you introduce them to other animals.

The greyhound temperament makes them generally a quiet dog breed. That being said, if they are unhappy they will announce their mood with an extremely loud howl instead of a bark. Sometimes during races if there are multiple greyhounds, you can hear them rooing or giving a group chorus that will express their happiness to you.

At times, greyhounds can get flashbacks from their frightening past. You might see them become skittish as they hear the garbage truck pull up or react different to a specific sound (especially if the sound is similar to that of gates on a race track). Because of the same fear, sometimes they might not want to go to confined areas or be near loud noises altogether. This is not abnormal behavior for the greyhound temperament and just means that it will take some time before they can be completely comfortable in their new setting.

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