Havanese Temperament

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Havanese Temperament

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Havanese Temperament

Havanese Overview

The Havanese Temperament is known to the companionable, intelligent, affectionate, responsive, playful and gentle.

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The Havanese Temperament is extremely affectionate. They are a small dog breed and very devoted dogs that love to be with their masters and will do anything for their people. They are so much fun and always entertaining to have around! They loves to clown around and enjoy being the center of attention wherever they go!

Are Havaneses Easy to Train?

The Havanese Temperament is well suited for competitions and advanced training. They are quite intelligent and robust dogs. This makes them a great fit for agility classes and obedience training. They are so highly trainable that they can be found in a circus.

Since the Havanese thrive on human companionship, they can get separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. This is when they might become mischievous and even destructive by shedding papers, pooping at random places and scratching walls. Since they love their human beings so much and are their shadows, it is really not fair to leave them alone for extended periods of time!

Are Havaneses Good Family Dogs?

The Havanese Temperament is well suited for children as long as they are playful yet gentle. That being said, in order for the Havanese to be gentle towards children, other dogs, and other pets, it is important to socialize them from an early age so that they can build that trusting relationship. Although all puppies will bite a little bit while they are teething, the humans can correct this behavior if they are putting in time and effort to train the dogs. They are even sturdy enough to withhold living with a clumsy little toddler! Since the Havanese are so devoted to their humans, they respond really well to love, affection and gentle, but firm, commands while training. They do not respond well to harsh treatment. They will shut down completely if the owner screams or pulls at them. They respond VERY well to treats and positive reinforcement.


Havanese may take a while to be completely housetrained. It might be beneficial to crate train them and every get a kitchen door to help you survive with them while you’re still housebreaking them.

The Havanese Temperament makes them a good watchdog. They have a very alert demeanor and a close relationship with their families. They will bark at the smallest of noises if they appear to be strange. That being said, they are not constant barkers. Their friendly demeanor makes them a terrible guard dog since they will probably want the intruders to give them a pat in the back or even a belly rub!

Happy Havanese

Are Havaneses Good Apartment Dogs?

Even though the Havanse is considered small enough to be a toy breed, do not mistake them to be fragile and tiny. They are pretty muscular looking and are extremely athletic dogs. Havanese are lively dogs and posses great stamina. The Havanese temperament thrives when the dog is given a moderately active lifestyle. These intelligent dogs love to be mentally challenged and physically stimulated. They can naturally swim and enjoy going into the water with their humans. If you are taking them to a pool, make sure to remove all the chlorine through a good bath to remove all the chlorine. Besides that, a couple of walks a day should be enough for the Havanese dogs. They do not need to have an extreme outdoorsy life. Their size and their low activity requirement make them ideal for apartment living.

Havanese love to travel with their humans because it gives them another reason to be with their loved ones.

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