Maltese Temperament

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Maltese Temperament

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Maltese Temperament

Maltese Overview

In order for you to have a happy and long life with a Maltese as your partner in crime, it is important to know about the Maltese Temperament. The Maltese Temperament has been described by many as active, easy-going, sweet-tempered, playful, lively, gentle, responsive, fearless, docile, intelligent, affectionate and responsive. Basically, the Maltese Temperament makes it a great canine companion for a variety of people and households.

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Malteses are a small dog breed and great lap dogs. They are very well-mannered, trusting and gentle. They have most of the positive qualities that people look for in dogs.

The Maltese is physically a very fragile dog. They are in the category of a toy breed which means that they are the smallest of the dog sizes and can be injured very easily, just as if they were little human babies! They can be hurt if someone steps on them, sits on them, or runs them over because they are so small. Thus, if you are going to bring a Maltese home, you need to make sure that you double-check every time you are about to sit on the couch or on your bed!

White Maltese

The Maltese Temperament is very easy-going and so they get along great with other dogs. That being said, since they are so fragile, larger dogs can easily hurt them. If you are going to let your Maltese play with larger dogs, it is important that you supervise them and make sure they are in a secure setting. For similar reasons, the Maltese dogs need to be on leashes when they go outdoors. It can be very hard for a car that is driving by to see them and you don’t want that to cost them their lives!

Are Maltese Good Apartment Dogs?

The Malteses are very playful. They love clever games such as being able to pull a hidden toy from under a couch. They are also very active and love running around a fenced yard, as well as accompanying you when you go on walks. They are so small that they can be active while living in an apartment setting, condominium, or even a house with a backyard! They also enjoy playing with children and will be very gentle with them. That being said, it is usually the case that the child is very safe with the Maltese but that the Maltese is not so safe with the child. It is thus important to teach the child how to play with a Maltese and how to be gentle towards them.

Tiny Maltese

Are Maltese Easy to Train?

The Maltese Temperament makes them easy to train. They are intelligent dogs that are motivated by positive reinforcement and praise. They love to get treats (who does not?) and will do anything in return of some. Keep treats handy while training your Maltese! This will also make them put more effort into their training and learn faster. It is vital that you do not treat the Maltese harshly while training for this will not help you at all. You need to be patient with them, keep the training sessions short and vary the kind of activities you do with them.

The process of housebreaking your Maltese can take up to a couple of months so again, it is super important that you are very patient with him or her. You can also ask your breeder to train him or her before you bring them home!

Sad looking Maltese

In conclusion, the Maltese Temperament is that of a fearless dog that is small but will stand up for themselves and their humans. They have been around since the Medieval Times and have become a favorite of families, big and small. They have always been small dogs but they love playing like they are large dogs and can keep up with dogs that are about twice their size! It is in the Maltese Temperament to be sweet, playful and easygoing. That being said, these qualities can be altered depending on how the Maltese is trained and raised. While these guys look super fragile, it is also important to let them have some independence so that they do not become spoilt or ill-behaved.

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