Papillon Temperament

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Papillon Temperament

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Papillon Temperament

Papillon Overview

The Papillon Temperament is known for being friendly, alert, energetic, hardy, happy and intelligent.

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The Papillon is a very beautiful dog. The word Papillon means butterfly in French. These dogs have been named Papillon because of their butterfly shaped ears. Perhaps, the name Papillon also suits them because the Papillon Temperament makes them such social butterflies that are always full of energy and love to hang out with their humans and other friends.

Are Papillons Good Family Dogs?

This small dog breed is always up for a new adventure, whether that means chasing balls, running around the house, hiking with their humans, taking a swim in the pool or just taking some time off to sit with their humans and gather up as much love and hugs as possible. These excellent social skills make Papillons very suitable for being a family dog. They love to play with the kids, but also love getting belly rubs and napping whenever possible. They are also full of energy and can be great companions for first time dog owners.

The Papillon is a very quick learner. They are able also retain all the information that they learn. You can put them in basic obedience and advanced obedience classes. You can also pout them in agility classes. Because they are such fast learners, they are often at the top of their class for obedience training. Not only will this make sure that your Papillon is well trained but also that they are able to get out any nervous energy that they have pent up in them throughout the day.

Papillon on the grass

Are Papillons Easy to Train?

The Papillons have a high desire to please their owners. They can pick up commands in one lesson. Some of them can be a little bit rebellious so it is not unnatural for them to not want to follow directions the first time they are given. This does NOT mean that they are not intelligent. It just means that you need to be even more loving and let them trust you. Go into training with a lot of treats in hand and give them a lot of positive reinforcement while you go through training sessions. You can also make the training effective by keeping the sessions short so that the dog does not get bored. Give the one command at a time to master. Once they are done mastering it, move on to the next one. You can come back to some of the ones they have mastered at a later point but go through the training one command at a time. Once the obedience training has been mastered, they can be entered into competitions as well.

Are Papillons Good Apartment Dogs?

As mentioned earlier, Papillons are dogs that have a lot of energy. This means that they need to be able to run around the house to get rid of all that energy. The Papillon is known for being able to entertain themselves by running around the house for hours! This does not mean that they do not appreciate being able to go on daily walks, jog with their humans. Although the Papillon temperament has a high activity requirement, they are still small and so are suitable for apartment living. They are, however, also suitable for living in houses with large spaces!

Papillon tilting his head

The Papillon temperament is such that these dogs need to be able to exercise they minds along with their bodies. You can help them by playing interactive games with them such as agility training. They will welcome any kind of attention from you as well! They love to spend time with their human friends!

Most papillons are so in love with their humans that they can develop separation anxiety if they are left alone for long periods of time. They do not like to be by themselves and if they are left, they might bark excessively and even start to become destructive and chew up parts of your furniture, shoes and clothing. This is why papillons are mostly suitable for homes where the people have flexible working hours and they get to stay home for parts of the day. They also work well for families that have a parent who stays home for parts of the day or elderly people.

Papillon smiling

Sometimes, the Papillion barking can be for a good cause. They are excellent watchdogs and will make sure to alert you if they see any intruders at the door. They are usually too friendly, however, to be good guard dogs. If your Papillion is barking way more than you would like them to, you can teach them a command to not bark so much.

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