Pomeranian Temperament

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Pomeranian Temperament

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Pomeranian Temperament

Pomeranian Overview

The Pomeranian Temperament is known for being friendly, intelligent, extrovert, playful, sociable, and active.

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The Pomeranian Temperament is that of an athletic dog. This small dog breed is very playful. Being the intelligent dogs they are, they need to have a lot of mental stimulation in their lives to keep them busy. They are very independent and like a lot of other smaller dogs, suffer from the small dog syndrome. That being said, they need to be properly trained so that they are social and well behaved.

For a dog that is about five to six pounds, usually, the Pomeranian Temperament is that of a larger dog. They are very curious creatures who are always ready for an adventure.

They are very alert and make great watchdogs! This alertness comes from their sense of curiosity. They love to spend time on their windowsill so that they can see whatever their neighbor is doing. They will make sure to bark and let you know when someone is walking by!

Are Pomeranians Good Family Dogs?

The Pomeranian Temperament is well suited for all active families, seniors or even single people that have time to give this creature a ton of love! Pomeranians love being the center of attention and need to receive a lot of praise and approval fro their owners. The Pomeranian Temperament is not recommended for families that have small children. These little guys and girls can become excessively possessive over their families, their blankets, their toys and even their spaces. If a toddler does not understand the Pomeranian Temperament and oversteps their boundaries, the Pomeranians can snap at them or even bite them. Ideally, Pomeranians will be with people who do not have much other obligations. They need to have their master’s attention and will do anything to get it!

Fluffy Pomeranian

Since they love their humans so much, Pomeranians tend to suffer from Separation Anxiety if and when their humans leave them alone for a large amount of time. It is best to give your Pomeranian a favorite treat or favorite toy and distract them before you leave them to go somewhere. Also, it is best to not leave them alone for long periods of time.

Are Pomeranians Good Apartment Dogs?

Pomeranians are well suited for homes of any sizes. They are so small that mini-apartments can seem large enough for them to run around in to get their energy out. That being said, since they are an active breed they will do really well in a larger home with a backyard for them. They need to be taken on long walks daily to maintain their weight and to keep them stable. They also really like running, so that is an activity that the owner and the Pomeranian can do together to burn off some of the excess energy.

The Pomeranian Temperament is such that they need to lead an active lifestyle, They are small enough to live anywhere but if they are left bored, they will start to get themselves into trouble by chewing on couches or leaving a pile of poop in your shoes. The Pomeranian Temperament is perfect for agility classes or for obedience classes.

Are Pomeranians Easy to Train?

As mentioned before, the Pomeranian Temperament has an independent streak that makes them difficult to train. They like to be the boss of the household and do not enjoy having others telling them what to do. Pomeranians can be very stubborn, bossy and manipulative. They require others to be gentle but firm leaders for them. It is also important to be consistent with them since the cute little face will try to fight your will as you are training them. You need to remember that if you are not going to be the leader of the pack then they will and that in unacceptable. You can either let your Pomeranian be unruly and unable to follow directions or you can let them be social and disciplined. A couple of things do help in training the Pomeranians. Keep the training sessions short so that the Pomeranian does not get bored. Also, make sure to offer them tons of treats and praise so that they find training to be enjoyable. Finally, make sure that you are keeping the training varied so that the Pomeranian does not get distracted.

Boo the Pomeranian

It is very important to socialize the Pomeranians from the very beginning. They can be standoffish to strangers and sometimes they can become fearful and aggressive. They might start to bark a lot and try to intimidate new animals, new people and new situations.

If you establish yourself as the leader of the household and train your Pomeranian to be loyal and obedient, they are the cutest things to be around! If you are not a natural leader, this might take some training. It might be helpful to enroll yourself and your dog in basic training classes’ jus to learn how to handle them and to become leaders. Remember, training is just as important for you as it is for your dog! Make sure that you do not appear to be skittish or afraid of them.

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  2. i have a male pomedarian of 7 years old and we will have a baby.
    how to treat the dog. I think he will be extremely jealous of the baby.
    what to do

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