Poodle Temperament

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Poodle Temperament

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Poodle Overview

The poodle temperament is described as alert, faithful, intelligent, trainable, active and instinctual. The poodle temperament is usually very delightful. They are very intelligent dogs that are well capable of learning tricks very quickly.

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The poodle is not a dog very well suited for the elderly, people with busy lives and long schedules. They demand a lot of attention and are not happy being with their humans just for a couple of minutes a day! Of course, we all love to cuddle so the more love we get the better! While some dogs might be ok without getting a lot of activities (pugs, bulldogs, etc) the poodle typically wants much more of your time and energy doing physical activities. The poodle temperament is very lively and playful. The poodle owner needs to constantly think of ways in which they can make their poodle’s life interesting and challenging so that they do not get destructive! Intelligence games and toys work well for the poodle temperament. If you are not able to keep your poodle occupied with interesting things, they might choose to leave a surprise in your shoe or even chew up something of importance to you!

Are Poodles Good Apartment Dogs?

Toy poodles can be fine in apartments since that would be enough space for them to run around. Other poodle breeds can get large and need more space, so they are more suited for living in houses that might have a yard.

The poodle is known to be a loyal dog that will often bond very quickly with any and all family members in a very short period of time. They love being loved, and so it is very easy for them to be heartbroken if and when their owners leave them. They are shy around strangers and rarely act aggressively. Sometimes they might bark at others, but it is not very like them to do anything else to the stranger. They also get along with all other animals in the household, as long as they have been introduced to them slowly and properly.

The poodles love showing off their skills since they are such big people pleasers! They thrive on positive reinforcement, praise and physical affection. They are very sensitive dogs and should not be spoken to in a mean manner. They can very quickly pick up the mood of their owners. If you are having a bad day, your poodle might be having a very bad day as well since he or she will try to be just like you. Since poodles are so sensitive to noise, often times they will be great watchdogs who bark and alert their owners if there is a stranger in sight.

Black and white poodle

Inside the Mind of a Poodle

Poodles will typically be able to carry themselves very proudly because they are very aware of how beautiful they are. They are dignified dogs, and as long as they are with the people they love and all is well, they are able to have their cheerful poodle temperament. Sometimes, you might even think that they have a sense of humor since they carry a light smile on their face. They are known for reading minds (once they are well-trained) and can know what to do even before they have been given a command!

Sometimes, poodles are made fun of for being girly and shy. This might be because of the way in which their owners often cut their hair! Know that poodles are not fragile dogs and they do have the ability to stand up for themselves. They are also outgoing, friendly and social dogs who love to run around and have some fun! They have been used previously to assist hunters of waterfowl.

In conclusion, poodle temperament will ultimately depend on how they were bred and the kind of owner that they have. They can be very social and they are very dignified creatures who make good watchdogs and loving companions.

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  1. I have a poodle/pug cross puppy. What do you think his temperament will be like. At the moment he seems a very happy go lucky chap.

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