Pug Temperament

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The Pug from the Inside (Pug Temperament)

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Black Put

A Pug’s Favorite equation- “Attention=Food”

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A pug’s aim is to look extremely cute for their whole lives. This is so that they can get as much food as possible for their entire lives. This small dog breed is not aggressive at all. In fact, they are some of the most people-friendly dogs you will ever meet. A pug craves attention. Your pug will be your shadow. He or she will not leave you alone for a second when they are out of their crate. The pug’s logic behind this is that getting attention equals getting food. They like your attention most of the time and they will do sometimes very strange and funny looking things to get your attention. Some say pugs are little clowns, they show off to make you laugh and love them even more.

Since pugs are very sociable and crave attention, they can become very anxious when left alone for too long. If you are working long hours all the time, a pug might not be the best pet for you. We work about 12 hours every day BUT have a loving dog sitter come in during the day so that our pug has a friend for a bit. I think he has gotten used to it now but really if I had it my way I would not leave him alone for a second because it seems so unfair for him. Pugs will howl when they are lonely. Some ways to solve this problem is by leaving some canine calming music or incents. Vets tell me that pugs should get all that they need from their food and thus do not suggest you give your pug an anxiety pill. We are yet to try something like this. Dog music is worked wonderfully for us but if you would like to try some of the other alternatives, I am sure you can find many in the market.

Pugs snore really loud given their size. This is also perhaps because they have a small nose.

King Bunk

Pugs will also try to lure you with your big eyes. They have this capability to show humans their bulging eyes and make us feel very sorry for them. They will stick out their massive tongues, lick their lips over and over again, point their huge eyes at you and take over heart. This is very good at convincing you that you should be overfeeding them. They are also very good at making you believe that even though they just ate, they are very hungry. Don’t feed them again! Stop those excessive treats! This is why there are so many overweight pugs with tons of health problems. Besides, they already are homebodies so you do not want their weight to further impede their ability to walk and run. Pug puppies however usually love to run and sprint. If you have one of these runner guys, you should jog with them or play fetch with them so that they are in the habit of exercise.

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  1. Great info. I have a 2 year old pug and he fits this description to a tee. We are very stingy with treats and what no b/c we don’t want a fat pug. Pugs really are the best! He keeps us entertained pretty much 24/7.

  2. Thanks so much, I have a 15 months old baby ..his name is Noobie….he followes me every were and the temperment actuall very well fits him….i give him royal canon food…but he is not behind food always , infact i keep begging him asking to eat…y is this so…I am in India , is it bcoz of the humidity they are not hungry…???can some one help me on this….?

  3. Pugs are a cruelly and intentionally mutated perversion of a dog. You should be ashamed for promoting this poor, suffering breed. They have trouble breathing because we took away their nose. They can hardly be outdoors. They have the highest rates of hip dysplasia and spinal defects of any dog breed we think the double curled tail is “cute.” Their eyes bug out grotesquely (and get injured and FALL OUT) because it’s funny to us. Many of them cannot even give birth naturally. This is no longer a dog. It is a fashion. Pug people are sick; they are not dog lovers. If this is actually news to anyone, please see the following:
    http://pedigreedogsexposed.blogspot.com/2010/12/pugs-lets-face-it.html http://retrieverman.net/2013/08/28/the-problems-with-pugs/

    • What are you smoking? I think you need to take a serious look and the mirror and ask yourself if your hatred for pugs’ ugliness is a projection of your own self-image. You know absolutely nothing about pugs if you think they can’t go outdoors. Have you seen our pictures of Bunk running around at the dog park? Probably not. You were just so eager to slam pugs. Every dog has problems, and pugs have a longer life expectancy than many other dogs (most large dog breeds in fact). Do you realize that the pug breed has been around longer than western civilization? How many fashions have lasted that long? Do you feel this way about all dogs or just pugs? I would really like to know because perhaps you are some kind of breed elitist who thinks they are above a pug’s love.
      Our pug is our life, so if you want to slam pugs please go elsewhere. My advice to you is that you find a rocket ship and fly to uranus. Because that’s where you belong!

    • Dear drugs not pugs I am not saying you are wrong but people that buy pugs are not the one that mutated it they are people looking for a dog that gives that poor mutated dog a good loving home and that pay for the surgeries that unfortunately comes with the hip dysplasia the puppie needs to have a full life and it helps to have a catering owner instead of no one buying you because you are mutated I agree they should not of taken the nose or breed them the way they did and when you make that kinda accusations th pug owners your saying they are the ones to blame when in reality it was the dog breeders that do that for a living and purposely mutated the puppy these are just thoughts but there is no reason to blame the owners

    • You are obviously an idiot and didn’t read the article very closely. Just with any breed, some breeders become overly obsessive with breeding for certain traits. But not all pugs are an atrocity to the dog world. I own four pugs whom have absolutely no difficulties breathing and have had no health problems whatsoever. They range in age from 6 months to 6 years old. Virtually every breed of dog has issues and when a greedy puppy mill puts out improperly bred dogs, then yes, you can have a poor representation of what a particular breed should be. But to bash the entire breed is like saying that because you are an idiot (which you are) then the entire human race must be idiots. Learn how to properly read an article idiot.

  4. I came here through a link to my blog that was posted in the comments section of this post.

    I’m sorry if you think writing about the real problems that come from breeding for this particular phenotype is an act of hatred. I actually wrote my post on pugs at the request of a friend of mine whose pug was facing the very real possibility of losing his eye to an ulcer– a condition that developed solely because he’s bug-eyed.

    I do write about the health of purebred dogs on my blog. You may quip that my breed (golden retrievers) has health problems, too. And they do.

    But none of their health problems are the result of breeding for a severely distorted body shape. Theirs is the result of poor population genetics– too much overuse of sires and too much competition in the breed in general.

    http://users.pullman.com/lostriver/breeddata.htm According this website, which uses health surveys with sophisticated methodology, pugs actually have shorter lifespans (11 years) on average than to do golden retrievers (12.04 years).

    So you’re factually wrong, and all you can do is call people pug haters when they offer up facts.

    That’s childish.

    And not deserving of a dog as nice as a pug.

  5. The oldest living pug you found online was 19. Wow! I really didn’t think much of it but my pug, who just passed away in June was just a couple months shy of her 18th birthday. Her best buddy that was my dog growing up, ( cockapoo/bichon/terrier mix) lived to be 19.5 years old. I was surprised to read pugs typically live 12-15 years. I’m hoping my new pug puppy I recently brought home lives just as long as my first pug.

    • Hi,

      That’s really great that your pug lived for so long. I love pugs. What did/do you feed your dogs? Obviously you are doing something right for your dogs to live for so long. Well done.


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