Rottweiler Temperament

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Rottweiler Temperament

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Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweiler Overview

The Rottweiler Temperament is known for being vicious. They are said to attack dogs and humans. This is not true at all Rottweilers. In fact, with proper training, good food and a clear, consistent master, the Rottweiler Temperament is incredibly fun and great to be around.

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The Rottweiler is a very loyal dog. They will do anything and everything for their masters. They are great watchdogs and will do everything they possibly can to protect their family. They are vicious when they have been trained to be that way, but more so they will be social and fun-loving if they have been trained well since their puppy days. When the Rottweiler Temperament has been trained from puppyhood, they can be social and even-tempered. They are dignified companions for the human friends and stand by you at times of need.

The Rottweiler Temperament is not well suited for strangers because they need time to get used to the person and to trust them. The owner can train them to response well to commands while in the presence of strangers, and this can really make the difference of a lifetime in the way that they respond to company at home. They just need to take the time to decide if the person they are meeting is worthy of their time and their love. The Rottweiler can be very gentle with every single person or dog in the family. They are great with little children and even puppies! They just need to be socialized so that they know they can trust the animal or human friend that they are meeting.

Rottweiler Puppy

Are Rottweilers Good Family Dogs?

A Rottweiler is very affectionate and playful towards their families. They are a great fit for large families with people who are very active since they do need to be doing a good amount of exercise every single day. They will be happier and healthier. If the Rottweiler is exercised every single day they will be less destructive and calmer. They need to run for about an hour each day to get their extra energy out. If the Rottweiler is not allowed to get the excessive energy out, it will get bored and be more prone to chewing down things in your house! That being said, in the summer months, it is important to limit the Rottweiler’s activities because their black coat makes them overheated during the sunny days. For an experience dog owner, who has some time to commit to training and exercising a dog that is of a large breed, the Rottweiler is a great friend to have around! The Rottweiler Temperament is well suited for a person with a backyard and some place to run around. Although some older Rottweilers might be ok with apartment living, these active large dogs usually need more space to be able to lead a healthy and active life.

The Rottweiler dog sometimes does not understand how big it is really is! There is a big chance that your Rottweiler will want to cuddle up with you on your couch, when it really might not fit in there!

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  1. Leni FullardLenif on

    Hello, I had a terrible experience with a Rottweiler in our neighborhood last Sunday. I took my two little dogs, a yorkie and a toy Pomeranian, for a walk. The next moment this Rottweiler just came for us. The gate at their house was left open and he ran for us, we were 3 houses away from there, and attacked my little toypom so badly that her one eye had to be removed. There are eight bite wounds all over her little body. Like my vet stated “the fact that she’s still alive is just a miracle”.
    The owner of this house/dog has got 3 Rottweilers in a totally build up yard. The gate stands open very regularly and this one specific dog keeps on attacking dogs and pedestrians. This owner claims that his dogs are wearing shock collars to keep them from leaving his yard.
    What is your opinion on the wearing of these collars in situations like explained above.
    I have reported this incident/person to the police and are claiming the vet costs from him because I am afraid that a child can possibly be killed by this dog.
    My opinion about Rottweilers at this moment is not good, if I see one running loose in he street and I’m in my vehicle, I’m quite sure you will see one very dead Rottweiler. And the saddest is that I’m really a dog lover and I know the owner is the one to be blamed and not the dog…but at this moment I hate Rottweilers.

    • It’s the owner’s fault. I would contact the police, but I also advise that you do not take matters into your own hands. Even though it is not fair for you to walk somewhere else, I believe it is probably the smartest thing to do until the problem gets resolved. Pest and annoy the police about this as much as you can, because chances are they won’t take it seriously at first because they might have other “human problems” to work on. I can’t image how you must feel about the injury inflicted on your dog, and it is maddening when people neglect to take proper safety measure with their animals. Also, please remember that almost all dog breeds are capable of being violent and aggressive and that their behavior is mostly a factor of how they were raised. Additionally, Rottweilers are a very beloved breed and for every dangerous, destructive Rottweiler you see, there are dozens more that are loving family pets and someone’s best friend. So please think twice before steering your vehicle in hate.

    • You call yourself a dog lover!!! Really what kind of person are you if you can even contemplate running a dog down!!

      • I can’t believe the comment I just read! My rottweiler was attacked by a labrador & did nothing other than cower behind me. Do I now hate all labs? Of course I do not, it was the out of control owner who just stood there and did nothing but watch until I had no choice but to kick it to protect my own. Yet had my rottweiler defended himself, who do you think would get the blame? It is sterotyping like this that causes huge problems for what are gentle giants under the care of the right person. The same applies to all breeds.

    • completely disagree with your remark about if your in a vehicle that there is a very dead rottweiler i have grown up with rottie’s from i was a child and to be perfectly honest i would trust my rottie over my pom any day my dog was shot in my own garden just over a month ago for no bloody reason i was outside and heard the bang she is a house dog is only outside if i am outside with her…and in my eyes you are just like the Arse that shot my dog absolutely heartless…anyone that is capable of doing that to any animal is a bloody disgrace it is no fault of the dog just the owner and if you new the dog was there and the gate was regularly left open why didnt you contact the authorities before your dog was attacked so dont go on here slating the breed thankfully my rottie survived and i no if i could train my dog to hurt anyone it would be the prick that shot her as she was minding her own business a dog follows by example the same as a child!!! so dont dare make heartless threats about hurting a dog that doesnt know any other behaviour!!!

      • My spayed rottie mix gets attacked all the time by cute adorable labs, who’s owners don’t think they need to be trained coz they are so adorable and easy (Hollywood I hate you). Of all the people I know who got bitten by a dog it was always a lab or a golden retriever. Unlike you I do hate labs and golden (always white instead of strawberry red) retrievers. I don’t trust them. Period. My rottie I don’t allow to defend herself, just coz she is a rottie (mix). If she would defend she will have to be put down. Nowadays I just tell people let your dog near mine and I’ll let go of her, they usually stay away. And my rottie is perfect, I just don’t trust them labs unless they are guide dogs.

    • That is a horrible situation. I do hope that things are made as right as possible and any future injuries are prevented. Please try to remember this is a owner problem more than a dog problem or rott problem. What happened to you and your dogs was wrong, but it really wasn’t caused by the dog breed – this could have happened with any breed. Growing up we had a Rottweiler and I currently have one now too because of the even, dependable, and loving temperament that really is the norm in these dogs when treated correctly. As a child we lived in a small town and our rott would occasionally escape (despite an electric fence – not collar actual fence and electric fence too) the only dog catcher learned who she was and then would just call to let us know our dog was at the park down the road as that is where she went if she got out because she loved people and kids. Now decades later I cringe thinking of my Rottweiler getting out, not because of him, but because of how some people perceive the breed and the risk that puts him at. I sincerely feel for you and I am sincerely angry that the owner of the dog that attacked you failed so miserably at correctly handling their dog. For the fence, in that situation, 100% wrong. Most cities require physical restraint to comply with leash laws. Not only that but if the dog is at all unreliable the owner should always error on the side of over protecting the public. Regardless of the fence situation the owner is wrong, a good owner would not allow their dog free roam in a city if for no other reason than protecting the dog from cars, theft, people, aggressive dogs, etc. the conditions you describe show that the owner failed, I hope with healing you may see that they failed not only you, but also their dogs.

  2. We had a loving gentle rott as part of our family for 13 years. She was a wonderful, affectionate, intelligent pet. I hate that you had a negative experience, however, unfortunately, just like with any other breed, there are idiots who own rottweilers. Any dog can bite, attack, or be aggressive. The problem is that rottweilers, bulldogs, etc, are large and strong enough to cause major damage when they do bite. Also, people who are looking to own/train a dog to be aggressive will go out and buy these dogs for their reputation and the visual appearance of intimidation. We bred our rotty twice. We found that it was a great deal of work to weed out the jerks who wanted to purchase our puppies. We had people actually ask our advice on how to make the puppies mean, or worse yet give us advice (ex: put hot sauce in their food, put gunpowder in their food, keep them on a very short chain).

    In reference to your specific situation. I do not believe that Rottweilers work well in groups. They are by nature pack dogs. As a result they begin to develop a hierarchy within themselves rather than with their owners. This leads to poor socialization, which should be part of training and loving your rottweiler.

    It just makes no sense to me, why someone would allow their rottweiler to be left to its own with a group of dogs. It is just asking for trouble. Sadly, I have to agree with others in saying that you should probably stay on top of this by keeping authorities involved. I would also contact animal control. Maybe all the owners need is some education? Maybe they need to find another source of protection for their property, maybe they should get rid of at least one or two of the dogs? Maybe they are just thoughtless selfish people who shouldn’t own dogs at all. Who knows? I do agree though that someone needs to watch this situation before something even more dangerous happens. Sadly, it will end up being the dog who pays with their life, while the owner just goes out and gets another puppy to neglect.

    • When looking for a rott years ago breeders were always taken by surprise that I requested a runt or small female – so sad that sick people want to make these gentle dogs mean. I now have a 130lb male who we rescued, I was glad to take him knowing that someone may be attracted to him for size alone. I am dealing with neighbors who helped their fence attacking pit bull by adding another now constantly attacked and timid second pit bull and a chihuahua; another neighbor who has actively made a boxer mix dog aggressive and let’s it out of the fence; and yet another who got a pit to lock in his backyard so it barks at everything and has made it not only through it’s fence but through three yards in a night. I am 100% convinced this is a people problem. The fence attacking pit’s owner responded after me explaining the dog is attacking at me and not my dogs that she just wants to play with me. I didn’t explain that I understand boredom, playfulness, aggression, and prey/stalk behavior, I just now have an animal control officer’s number in my phone. FYI for anyone else my city has animal officers through the police department that are separate from the animal control/dog catchers that deal with these issues and have been much more responsive.

  3. I had a part Rott / part coon hound dog and she was an affectionate, friendly, smart and for the most part obedient pet. The hound side of her came out when we would go outside. The Rott part more inside. She could be quietly stubborn at times and I would have to firmly, quietly but gently enforce the rules. She always gave in but would test me periodically. Her temperament was wonderful. She just loved to meet people and get attention. She liked other dogs as well. Never had a problem. A smaller dog down the street bit her once. If my dog were vicious she could have taken that biter apart. But she was a lover, not a fighter. I think most dogs grow into the kind of dog they were trained to be. If a dog is given love, affection, good food and structure they will be good. The kind of anti-social Rottie you encountered was trained to be that way by a jerk owner, who by the way, is risking a serious liability issue if that dog attacks and injures a person. In my work I have seen dog bite cases go as high as $50,000. Having a vicious dog is a very serious matter. I would NEVER have a dog that bit.

  4. Absolutely adore Rottie’s I have a 3 yr old female..been through a lot and spent a lot on vet bills as she was shot in my side garden by a neighbour just because they didnt like rotties…although she has made it through i am absolutely heartbroken at the fact someone could do something like this to a defenseless dog…yea they are a big strong dog…most of them to be perfectly honest think they are a tiny lap dog i know mine does…she goes everywhere with me in the car lays on the sofa beside me and sleeps at the foot of my bed, if im upset she is trying to give me kisses and showing loads of affection they are one dog that i cannot fault…i fault owners of a disruptive dog showing aggression…it is proven statistics that a labrador is more likely to attack than a rottweiler but because they are a bigger dog they get all the bad press..i know my postman loves our dog yet the next door neighbours post is left with us as their terrier/jack russell has attacked him on several occasions

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I hate it when good owners get to blame for others selfishness and low self-esteem.
      Ypur dog sounds like a proper rottie. Several postmen where I live love my rottie.
      I worked as a post(wo)man for awhile too. I got bit bye small dogs a couple times and one cat(lol), but there was a pittbull on my route, that always had to say hi to me.
      It’s always the owner, and never the dog. Though a dog could have a brain tumour, but who’s to blame then? No one.
      I wish you all the best with your dog, hope you will be able to put it behind you one day, but I doubt it.

  5. We have a Rotti that will be 8 years old in a couple months. She is amazing with all people. We did A LOT of training with her. We got her 3 months before we had our fist child and did all the pre-training… getting in her food, pulling her ears and tail and she is amazing. That being said she is a large dog with a lot of power and that needs to be respected. I would never allow her to roam freely and would not trust an electric fence just because if she got loose she would not get the benefit of the doubt just because she is a Rotti. Unfortunately, this breed (like Pit bulls, Shepherds, Dobermans, Mastiffs, Danes…) is often purchased by the wrong owner. It took us a lot of time to find a Rotti that was bred for families and not police/guard purposes. I trust her as much as I would trust any well socialized dog – remembering she is a dog and their temperament is never 100%.

    Leni – I am sorry to hear about your experience however this could have occurred from any dog. I hope you do not carry this over to all Rottis as they are great dogs if they are well adjusted (like any dog). I would suggest you find someone who has well socialized Rottis (perhaps a breeder) so you can nip the fear. I hope your dog recovers. Just a note: my dog is not always great with other dogs while on leash. She was attacked by an American Bull Dog and since then she has been a little “unpredictable” on lead – but it is all me. She feels my nervousness and reacts accordingly. Off leash – fine. If you do visit a place that has great Rottis I would suggest taking your dogs so you can see they will be fine.

  6. I have recently decided to get a rottweiler and some of my concerns are about the age he is at (3months) if he would pose any problem getting training from me and accepting me as his master. And also about the training are they any good sites anyone could recommend to me for dog training is not popular in my country.

    • hi I got my rotti at 3 months,she is now 18 months old and a bloody joy,it has been frustrating at times with her training but funny with it,her problem is that she think’s everyone is her friend which is a good thing,she has no anti social problems with other dog’s or people,if your confident then the dog will repect that nervous and then you will have problems but in a fun way.
      it took me several months to find a rottie that was brought up in a family enviorment so her temprement is great the onle problem I have with her is snoring and cuddle time is when she want’s it no matter what,i live in the uk were “dangerous breed’s” are frowned upon,but honestly mine is a great family pet and I mean a pet

  7. I have been a very proud owner of 3 beautiful male rotts, unfortunately my oldest lived til 8 yrs old and was a victim of lymphoma, these dogs are family not just pets. They are more caring, loyal and loving then some of my family members. All 3 have lived as a “pack” and were rewarded for following their own hierarchy. Never had any situations of them leaving the parameters of the yard or even mine or my family members side. These dogs have traveled and participated in all family events. They really are quite enjoyable to watch with children, so playful and loving. Very said to see these beautiful animals with so much potential be treated in such poor conditions.

  8. WCL Rottie Lover on

    These are truly majestic animals that are the most powerful breed there is. If they are not trained, they can easily become dangerous. I lost my most beloved friend, Caesar, to lymphoma at 8 years old. My heart literally broke and here two years later I still cry. He was irreplaceable, but I did break down and now we have a female, Dixie, who provides regular comic relief in our home. A Rottweiler is not for everyone because one must truly commit to this wonderful creature and be there for them every day making sure they understand who is the pack leader, and that is you! Once they know you are THEIR protector and there is no need for them to be in protection mode, they instantly stand down and are happy to let you do it. But, they need to know you will be that pack leader and will constantly test you. THese are remarkable animals who get a bad rap, and it saddens me so much. I believe that they are like every other breed, some are nice, some are not. But, alot of troubles begin with bad owners. I hope I’ve shed some light on Rotties, they are truly awesome.

  9. I am waiting for my Rottweiler female puppy. But I am concern about my male Jack russel that is very protective over me, can this behavior of my Jack Russel cause problems with my new Rottweiler Female puppy???????

  10. On of the cutest, friendliest dogs I ever encountered was a Rotti. A friend of mine was getting married in her hometown. My girl friend was in the wedding party. We stayed with a family friend, a woman who owned a female Rotwilier. I walk in the front door and spy this huge Rotwilier staring at me. A first I was taken aback. The owner saw my consternation and reassured me that she was a big baby. She told me the dog’s name and said to call her. I did and the next thing I know this big ol’ bombastic slobbering overgrown puppy flattens her ears and comes right for me licking her lips and wagging her whole butt back and forth. She rolls over and showed me her belly with a look that said, ok now that you’re here rub it and I will love you. I did and she’s followed me around like I was her best friend. What a goofy dog! I found out about three months that she get out of the house one day and was hit by a car and had to be put down. But what a happy, cute dog she was. It’s all about the owner! Train them to be happy and they will. Train them to be a guard dog and then they will. It’s only a dog and only knows what the owner teaches it.

  11. i had a rottweiler and she was the best dog we ever at one time i was scared of going to the shops because i was attacked and one thing i love about them they give the confedence

  12. I have a 8 yr old Rottweiler, she is affectionate, loving and playful. She’s loveable and gets along with people once she gets to know them. She has never been trained to be aggaggressive. I won’t allow it. I know how people stereotype them as aggressive and when strangers come around they need to be educated. My kids friends come to me her and once she see that they aren’t a threat to the family and I say ” they’re ok” she wants to be petted. Unfortunately now with our current circumstances we have her in a kennel and she doesn’t like it. Now I’m being forced to pick her up within 3 days or put her down. So when I hear of Rotties being aggressive or blamed for things that they was trained by their owner and others have to pay for it, it pisses me off. Now I need a place for my daughter or say goodbye..

  13. My Rottweiler is a year old. Nessie ( so named because we knew she’d grow up into a huge monster!) loves to be around people, and she has never attacked anyone. She is very friendly, and anyone can take her out for a walk. People are intimidated by her size, but once they pick up the courage to enter our house, she won’t let them leave! A lot of people told me that Rottweilers are vicious and aggressive, but Nessie is happily proving them all wrong.

  14. I lost my rottie two years ago. For 16 years I had my very own perfect dog. For that 16 years, I had a companion who DID watch over me, but was trained to look to me for guidance whenever she felt anything was a potential risk. Not once did she ever attack or even bark without being prompted.

    Rotties are perfect companion given constant training, and constant respect.

  15. I have owned two rottewiellers. I owned a girl rott that was protective and never let me be lonely and last 14 years with my family. She watched over my first born babies and slept under their cribs. She laid with my mother and helped her walk after she had strokes. My mom would stumble when she walked and grab the back of my rottweiller to steady herself. She was great! My neighbors called every year to have animal control come out and check on her temperament. The animal control got so good with her, they would bring her treats. When she died, I looked at other breeds, but could not get away from these beautiful big creatures. I new when I answered the add for the rescue of a male rott , I would get stuck. He turned out to be even sweeter than my girl rott. I love , love this breed. They are so solid and great hearted.

  16. I just got a pet rott for my kids. Friends have been scaring me with all sorts about this cute adorable dog. My hubby hates dogs but seems to be fund of sheba. Gave her sheba cos I know she’d grow to be big and strong. Can’t wait to see her grow up to a gentle giant. Ur dog would always turn out to be what u train them to be. I’d train her to be loving and spoilt I’m sure.

  17. Rochelle Means on

    I love my Rott, we just got him from a well known National Breeder from Germany and he is the best companion dog I have had. He is responsive, attentive and LOVES people. He will only do what we allow him to do, and WE are responsible for his behavior and how he is trained.

    He is already apart of our family! Any dog, like any person can be trained to harm or have harmful intensions, I have seen ankle bitters (small dogs) be just as aggressive as large dogs, so again it is all in the training and the trainer deeming what is acceptable behavior by the dog and what is not. Yes, they are very large dogs and have a dominant personality and because of their size, early judgments are passed, but when we decide to be owners, it comes with a responsibility!

    Rotts are the best and I love my decision to make him (Kain) apart of my family.

  18. Socialize, socialize, socialize! It makes all the difference. Socialize from puppyhood, regularly, on- and off-leash with a variety of dogs and people. Walk through the park. Let them get to know the neighbors, and the mailman!…and especially children! Teach Rottie to let joggers go by, that not all people/dogs need to be investigated. Unsocialized dogs will become very insecure when around other people/dogs and can go on the offensive.
    It makes me sad that the woman’s dogs were attacked by a Rottie. It’s hard to imagine that happening with mine, but having experienced the whole spectrum of dogs and dog owners over the years, I find it’s the owners that are too stupid or lazy to walk/socialize/attend to the dog’s emotional needs that have the most aggressive/weird dogs…it’s not the dog’s fault who adopts them. It takes years to adopt a human baby because of all the back checking, but literally seconds to obtain a puppy. Rotties are big powerful dogs, but are not inherently aggressive, except when trying to defend their person…or when they have been abused and confused!

  19. I have a 4 year old rottie. Been training him since bringing him home at 9wks. He is a Therapy dog, has his CGC and we compete in Rally Obedience at the highest level. The most wonderful dog I could ever have imagined. We are around many many dogs and people at various dog events, he will never start a fight. With good breeding and training these dogs are just the greatest. You know the saying No bad dogs, just bad owners.

  20. I just adopted my 4th Rottie, only 8 months old and not even housebroken from his previous owners who left him on his own! I got him at our local animal shelter where I found my first one 12 years ago – Pavlov was the love of my life and the joy of everyone who had the luck of getting to know him. What a clown! I had a female puppy I acquired when he was 4 that he raised like a mother would take care of her pup and taught her all the commands we went through every day. I lost both in 2011, Nadia to cancer and Pavlov to advanced arthritis – I had him euthanized and thought my heart would break. Nov of 2012 I went in search of a new companion and found Merlin a Rottie mix with lots of energy and love, then last week found Archie. They have so much fun together and we enjoy each other’s company. Merlin in on a first name basis w/our mailman who will stop and visit him and I know will love Archie too. I don’t think I could have another breed, I’m so used to their habits (drooling et al!) and the love they give everyone that comes into our house. Their bark alone is enough to keep any boogie men away!!!

  21. Rottweilers are for experienced dog owners only. Not due to their aggression, but due to their need for constant stimulation (both mental and physical).

  22. I worked at a vet clinic, one of the tech’s rescued a rottie
    from a kennel where his owner abandon him. When tested
    they found he had heart worms he was real sick. She brought him in for me to groom when I went to get him he
    attacked me, he jumped up and went for my face I fell against the wall and was able to finely get him off. He ran up the stairs the vet tried to grab him and he bit her. I have been afraid of rottweilers until now. I had to rescue one the other day he is huge! I took us two days to get him off the property he was so scared and we could not touch him. We finely tranq him to take the edge off and he is doing better with us everyday I really think he is a blessing for me because he needs me to be his friend and I really like him I am not afraid
    anymore I want him to stay here,

  23. I worked at a vet clinic, one of the tech’s rescued a rottie
    from a kennel where his owner abandon him. When tested
    they found he had heart worms he was real sick. She brought him in for me to groom when I went to get him he
    attacked me, he jumped up and went for my face I fell against the wall and was able to finely get him off. He ran up the stairs the vet tried to grab him and he bit her. I have been afraid of rottweilers until now. I had to rescue one the other day he is huge! It took us two days to get him off the property he was so scared and we could not touch him. We finely tranq him to take the edge off and he is doing better with us everyday I really think he is a blessing for me because he needs me to be his friend and I really like him I am not afraid
    anymore I want him to stay here,

  24. heather gosselin on

    Ive been doing extenstive research on rotti’s lately becuase my husband and I are looking into getting another dog. We currently have 1.5 year old american bull dog, which ppl are scared of but hes a big baby. And hes spoiled to death. I was was curious about some of the things I have read about them chewing up the house and furniture and being very distructive. This im really nervous about. I never crate trained my bulldog and hes a complete angle doesnt destroy or chew anything hes a huge couch potato or watches tv on our bed when we are at work. Has anyone had chewing issues with their rottis? Anyone know of any good breeders im located in ct, and willing to travle to surrounding states if need be. Also some people say I shouldnt have 2 males and that I should get a female. But growing up I jad 2 male golden retrievers and they were the best of buds. Please help me !

  25. I have a problem. I have 2 male rottweilers 1 is the son of the other. The younger one is 2 years old the older one is about 6. Just recently the younger one has started attacking the older one. I mean really bad he almost killed him the other day. I don’t want to put him down. I don’t know what to do. Please help!

    Thanks Ben

  26. Fantastic dogs as long as you train, teach ,and lead them. No different than any other dogs in that respect. The temperament and character of the Rottweiler makes for a wonderful companion and family member. Mine is snoring next to me right now. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  27. I rescued my 18 month old rottie 8 months ago. When we first met Stanley he lunged and bark in our faces. He was clearly scared. Still we took home,
    I spent the next few months socialising him, very soon he became to relax around strangers.
    Today he is the best dog/friend I could have asked for. He is fantastic with my children, grandchildren friends etc. he is so intelligent and so easy to train.
    All he asked in to be loved and treated like one of the I have a happy dog who is great with everyone including Stanger’s and even my cat.I would never considered another breed.

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