Saint Bernard Temperament

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Saint Bernard Temperament

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Saint Bernard Temperament

Saint Bernard Overview

The Saint Bernard Temperament is known for being friendly, calm,. Gentle, lively and watchful.

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The Saint Bernards are very well known for being rescue dogs. They are from the Swiss Alps, where they were held responsible for being able to save the lives of 2,000 people who were trapped in an avalanche! The Saint Bernards were used in packs to search for injured people who were trapped and could not move or ask for help. It is completely amazing the work these search and rescue dogs could do. When they would find the injured person, one would lay down with the traveler to keep them warm while the others would return to the hospice to get help from fellow humans. Today, these giant mountain dogs are still being used to rescue mountains up in the harsh cold mountains but they are also used to mainly as companions for families since they make such great friends!

Are Saint Bernards Good Family Dogs?

The Saint Bernard Temperament is very friendly and that makes them a great family dog. They also have a clownish way of existing and create havoc around wherever they do. They will make their humans laugh at them and with them on a constant basis. With the wrinkly faces and their drooling mouth, they are nothing less than the hilarious grandfather of their communities. While they are docile, they love enjoying their afternoons romping around their neighborhoods and yards, and playing with the children. They get along with children of all ages and sizes! They love being in cold snowy weather so don’t be scared to take them out in the snow for a snow fight. Finally, the Saint Bernard Temperament is such that they can keep themselves entertained for hours romping around, rolling in the snow and pulling children on sleds. They are working dogs, so the Saint Bernard temperament is best suited for someone who likes being in the outdoors and leading an active life.

Fluffy Saint Bernard

Are Saint Bernards Good Apartment Dogs?

As mentioned earlier, the Saint Bernard temperament is that of a working dog. This means that they need to be able to do a duty that will make them feel purposeful. They are well suited for homes that have a lot of space (because they are so big!) or for people who live in apartments but will be able to take them out a lot. They should be walked at least twice a day, if not more, and must be given some time to run around at least a couple of times a week! They love the wintertime so this is when it will be easy to motivate them to move but the summertime is when they will need to be motivated with a lot of positive reinforcement and treats to go with you on a walk or two!

Are Saint Bernards Easy to Train?

The Saint Bernards can often be difficult to train for new dog owners. This is because they are a very stubborn breed that sometimes likes to listen but at other times might do what they want to do whether you like it or not. This is why, it is important to have tons of treats in place to motivate them to listen to you! It is also important to start training your Saint Bernards from a very early age so that they can have a clear idea of how things work in your household before the age of six months. The older and the bigger they are, the more difficult they might be to control. Be prepared, however, because having a fully trained Saint Bernard might take a while. Being patient with the Saint Bernard Temperament is very important!

Saint Bernard hiding in the leaves

Lastly, although this has nothing to do with the Saint Bernard Temperament, it is important to understand that Saint Bernards are not clean dogs. They will drool, shed and create chaos while they are eating and drinking. That being said, they are some of the most adorable big bears in the world and well worth the clean up time!

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