Shiba Inu Temperament

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Shiba Inu Temperament – A look inside Shiba Inu Personality

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Shiba Inu temperament

Shiba Inu Overview

The Shiba Inu temperament is known for being charming, fearless, alert, confident, keen and faithful.

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Shiba Inus are known for being extremely gorgeous dogs. This small dog breed actually look more like a fox than like a dog, which always makes heads turn whenever you take them on a walk around the neighborhood. It is this same foxy look that gets the Shiba Inus in a lot of trouble because people tend to get them after falling in love with their adorableness without thinking much about the Shiba Inu Temperament.

The Shiba Inu temperament is more like that of a cat than that of a dog. They are very independent and also very clean. They spend a fair amount of time grooming themselves and also sometimes grooming the other dogs around them. Given the cleanliness that is part of the Shiba Inu temperament, these guys are pretty easy to housebreak. If you still feel like this is something that you might have trouble with, feel free to ask your breeder to housebreak them for you before you bring them to their forever home.

The Shiba Inu temperament makes them a very good watchdog. They do not bark much but if they hear any strange noises or see any strange people around your house, they will bark to alert you of their presence.

Shiba Inu looking eager

Are Shiba Inus Good Family Dogs?

Shiba Inus are very graceful and agile. They can leap an entire couple of feet high fence in a single try and in a matter of seconds. You might actually confuse them for Spiderman! They are also extremely active dogs, which makes them great hiking buddies. Since they need a lot of exercise on a daily basis and need to be physically and mentally stimulated, Shiba Inus should be registered for advanced obedience and agility classes so that they are able to get some of that nervous energy out. They are great runners and love to show off their skills!

As you might have guessed from our recommendation for the advanced courses, the Shiba Inu temperament makes them a very intelligent dog. They can learn a lot of tricks very easily as long as there is something around who wants to teach it to them. They also do really well with interactive toys and puzzles that make them think and keep them mentally stimulated.

For having a small body, the Shiba Inu temperament really makes them portray an enormous personality. They are always ready to make their owners laugh, and add more joy to their lives. They also will always be keeping you on your toes so be prepared to deal with that!

Shiba Inu in the snow

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  1. Shiba Inus are not easy dogs , they are hunters and chasers by instinct , and they won´t give up easily … they are dominant and stubborn . But they are cute and playful , if you adapt yourself to them . If you want one as your mascot he/she will give you a lot of work !

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