Vizsla Temperament

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Vizsla Temperament

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Vizsla Temperament

Vizsla Overview

The Vizsla temperament is known to be quite, affectionate, gentle, energetic and loyal.

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The Vizsla temperament makes them a very loyal and faithful dog. They can be very gentle and maintain their puppy attitudes well into their adulthood! They love being around their humans and acting as their shadows. They are known as the clowns of the dog community with their Velcro like attitude where they stick to their humans and refuse to leave them alone!

This strong attachment became a part of the Vizslas temperament while they were being bred to be hunting dogs. They were told to work with their owners and do not stray too far from them while they are on the fields. As the hunting dogs, the Vizslas love to create strong bonds with their owners.

Are Vizslas Good Family Dogs?

The Vizslas temperament makes them a great family dog. They are best in homes that have older children that can handle their size and their energy requirement. Although they are very loyal and make great family dogs, they are a hunting dog and should not be trusted alone with small animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. They have a tendency to want to chase down and kill small animals!

Lazy Vizsla

Vizslas are well suited for those who love having an active lifestyle. They would be great partners during hiking, mountain climbing, jogging, running, swimming and other strenuous activities. They love to do outdoorsy activities with their families!

Are Vizslas Good Apartment Dogs?

Vizslas needs to be tamed with at least one hour of vigorous activities every single day. They are part of the hunting breeds family and need to have such activity to maintain their health, their happiness and an even temperament. If they do not get enough activity, they can become bored which will lead to them trying to destroy your furniture, scratch your walls, chew on your shoes, etc.

It is always a good idea to challenge the Vizslas temperament by giving them a job to do. This could be something as simple as carrying a backpack on their backs when you go hiking or running around the backyard with a cart behind them. They love to engage in their exercises with their humans so be creative as you think of ways in which your dog can help you do your daily exercise routines.

The Vizslas temperament is well suited for organized activities such as advanced obedience classes, agility training, tracking, fieldwork and retrieving. They love to be mentally stimulated and physically challenged.

Happy Vizsla

The Vizslas temperament makes them great watch dogs and guard dogs. Since they sometimes tend to be overprotective of their families, it is suggested that they be enrolled in advanced obedience classes and socialized from an early age with other dogs and humans. The more your dog is used to being in new situations and seeing new human beings and other animals, the better they will learn to cope with them. Sometimes, frequent socialization can make them so easy-going that they can be trained to be wonderful therapy dogs!

Since the Vizslas thrive when they are around their humans, they tend to get very anxious and nervous when they are left alone. This separation anxiety can make them destructive. If you must leave your dog, it is important that you give them a favorite treat or an interactive toy to keep them busy and return shortly.

Finally, Vizslas are quite verbal dogs. If you are looking for a silent smooth-sailing dog, this is not the kind of dog for you. They are known for barking, howling, grunting, whining, moaning, and making all kinds of talking noises to express themselves throughout the day! This again, makes it important for your Vizslas to be well trained so that they can learn to quite down when you ask them to do so.

Vizsla with babby

Are Vizslas Easy to Train?

It is important that Vizslas owners establish themselves as the leader of the pack in the household so that they can train their dogs well. If you do not establish yourself as the pack leader, they can get bossy and start to guard furniture, food and toys to show their dominance!

Make sure that you are gentle yet firm while training them. This does not mean you are harsh with them. All you need to do is remain consistent and keep redirecting them throughout training. Keep lots of treats handy to make the process easier for you! They are very intelligent dogs and can learn quickly and well if you are patient with them! You have to remember that the Vizslas temperament is that of a highly trainable dog that loves to please their humans so if you are ready to train them they are ready and willing to be trained!

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