Weimaraner Temperament

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Weimaraner Temperament

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Weimaraner Temperament

Weimaraner Overview

The Weimaraner temperament is known to be fast, stubborn, intelligent, steady, powerful, energetic, aloof and alert. The Weimaraner’s temperament can make them an enjoyable yet challenging dog. They are known to have a mind of their own.

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The Weimaraner temperament thrives when the dog is able to lead a very active lifestyle. They were bred to be able to go hunting with their masters so hunting can be one way in which the Weimaraners can take out their pent up energy. They can also go on uphill hikes and jogs with their owners. If the owner is willing to throw something, this is a great dog that can retrieve efficiently! They have webbed feet that make them excellent swimmers!

Are Weimaraners Good Apartment Dogs?

If you are someone who likes being a couch potato, this is not the dog for you! If you are someone who works a lot and will not be able to devote much time to their dogs, this is also not the dog for you.

While the Weimaraners will adapt to apartment or condominium living, these dogs need to have the time and space to run around freely and wear themselves out. If you do live in an apartment, try to take them to a nearby field where you can with them, have them chase you or even play fetch with them. Ideally, they should be in a farm with lots of space or in a house with a backyard that has been fenced in for the security of the Weimaraners and small animals.

Weimaraner hunting

Are Weimaraners Easy to Train?

The Weimaraner’s temperament is such that these dogs are very easily trainable. They are quick learners but they try to resist repetition in trainings. They can also easily become distracted during training if something else catches their attention such as a noise or a movement. This is why it is important to be very patient with them.

While the Weimaraners can be trained quite easily, they take a while to be housebroken. This can be difficult since they’re a medium sized dog that might not be too comfortable in a crate but again, you need to be patient with them and train them to alert you when they need to leave the house. It might take up to a year before the instructions click and your Weimaraners do not do their business inside the house!

Since the Weimaraners think that they are the masters of the house, it is important for their fellow humans to show leadership from a very early stage in the Weimaraners’ life. They need to understand clearly that they are not the leader of the pack.

Weimaraner agility

At one time, Weimaraners were used to hunt boars, bears and deer. These days, many hunters still make them their companion dogs and use them for hunting fowl, rabbit and foxes. Hunting is a good way to ensure that the Weimaraners are getting as much exercise as needed because their stamina is completely amazing!

Since the Weimaraners were bred to hunters they have a natural preying instinct in them. This is why they might not get along well with small animals (especially the non-canine ones) and may chase down other people’s pets. They can also be very reserved around strangers because they are very protective of their pack (their humans!) and can be very territorial. In more rural areas, Weimaraners might even be chasing down sheep and deer!

The same hunting instinct that is present in Weimaraners makes them great watchdogs and guard dogs. They are very strong and will be alerted by any strange noises or even behavior.

Are Weimaraners Good Family Dogs?

The Weimaraner temperament is well suited for a house with children. That being said, since they are sturdy animals, they can unconsciously knock over kids or hurt them when they become very excited.

Even though Weimaraners makes them a great pet, there are some issues that can come up while you are dealing with this high-strung breed that is easily excitable.


This is why it is important to train Weimaraners at a very young age and to socialize them so that they can get used to being around new humans and other animals.

The Weimaraners love being around their humans. If they are neglected for long periods of time, they can suffer from separation anxiety and become destructive. They need to be around their family. If you will be leaving your Weimaraners alone, it is important to have already spent some time with them doing strenuous exercises so that they are exhausted. It is also recommended that you distract them with a favorite toy or treat right before you leave. Hopefully, this will make them feel more positive about the experience.

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