West Highland White Terrier Temperament

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West Highland White Terrier Temperament

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West Highland Terrier Temperament

West Highland White Terrier Overview

The West Highland White Terrier Temperament is known to be alert, active, independent, hardy, friendly and courageous.

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The West Highland White Terrier is a dog that is very sure of themselves and their capabilities. They are proud and full of life! They can be great family dogs because they are very good with children. That being said, these confident dogs do not put up with rough handling!

The West Highland White Terriers temperament is energetic, curious and fearless. They need to lead a highly active life. This means that even though the West Highland White Terriers are small dogs, they need to go on multiple long walks every single day and need to have interactive play time with their humans. They love to be involved in all household activities with their humans as well. if you are going hiking, jogging or running, feel free to take your West Highland White Terriers with you because they love a good outing that is physically stimulating and mentally challenging!

West Highland Terriers

The West Highland White Terriers Temperament is that of a terrier dog, which means that, they have a high prey drive. They need to be socialized from an early age with dogs of all sizes and other animals as well. Even when socialized very well, the West Highland White Terriers should not be trusted alone with small animals such as bunny rabbits, guinea pigs and rats because they might try to chase them down and hunt them. If you have a house with a yard, it is important for you to build a sturdy fence around it because the West Highland White Terrier Temperament is such that they will chase down any strange noises they hear or smells that comes to their nostrils. Be careful of having them out in the yards because they will have an urge to prey on small animals and bring them to you as gifts.

West Highland White Terriers are very curious and they love exploring. Don’t be surprised if you find your West Highland White Terriers poking around in closets, cabinets and under tables. They also love to perch at the window to keep an eye out for whatever is happening in the neighborhood.

The West Highland White Terriers Temperament can vary widely. Some of them enjoy spending a lot of time socializing while others prefer to lead their lives in solitude.

West Highland Terrier is leaves

Are West Highland White Terriers Easy to Train?

West Highland White Terriers needs to be trained really well or else they can become very possessive over their toys, humans and food. They are a hardy breed of dogs that are very intelligent. They can be hard to train because they can be very stubborn and have an independent streak. This is why, it is important to train them from a very young age so that they recognize you as the leader of their pack and know to follow your lead. You need to be firm, consistent and patient with them. Harsh words will get you nowhere for it will make your West Highland White Terriers shut down. Instead, try short training sessions where the dog gets to spend enjoyable time with you eating delicious treats and receiving tons of positive reinforcement.

Given their terrier hunting temperament, the West Highland White Terriers make excellent watchdogs. They are alerted by the smallest of noises and will bark to let everyone know that someone or something is nearby. They are really friendly and make terrible guard dogs because they’re too sweet to do any harm to an intruder. The West Highland White Terriers are also known for their barking so as much as you want to have these guys as your adorable watch dogs, make sure to train them to stop barking when you feel like you have had enough of their noises!

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