Yorkshire Terrier Temperament

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Yorkshire Terrier Temperament

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Yorkshire Terrier looking sad

Yorkshire Terrier Overview

The Yorkshire Terrier temperament can be described at confident, bold, intelligent, courageous and independent.

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The Yorkshire Terriers are very interesting dogs because they seem to completely not understand, know or care about how small they are. Most of them are between 7 to 9 pounds, but they pretend to be the boss of the household and ready to take on the world. They have a very adventurous temperament, and love to explore.

The Yorkshire Terriers are highly energetic. They are known to be brave. They are bold and brave because they were bred to be dogs that would catch malicious rats and mice that were causing infestation at clothing mills in North England.

They are also very loyal to their masters. They love their humans, and for as small as the dog is, they actually really look forward to trying to protect its master. This is why, it is important for the human being to display and illustrate to the Yorkshire Terriers that they (the humans) are the leader of the pack. If the Yorkshire Terriers instead feel that they (the dogs) are the leaders of the pack, they can get very feisty with other dogs and strangers. They can then become suspicious of the strangers and try to aggressively attack them. They can also be mean to other dogs if you have not established yourself as the pack leader and tried to train them to understand to follow your lead. This is true for all dogs, so I do no think that is the Yorkshire terrier’s fault at all. At any point if you feel like the dog is being very yappy and not following your lead, that means that you have not established yourself as the dominant one and the dog is instead telling you what to do.

Yorkshire Terrier sitting down on a blue bed with smile on her face.

Are Yorkshire Terriers Good Family Dogs

Yorkshire Terriers have the tendency to become very demanding and dependent on their owners. They look like they need a lot of human attention. They can sometimes develop jealous behaviors. Sometimes they might snap at you or others if they are teased, frightened or even surprised. If this is the way that your Yorkshire terrier is acting, you need to think about the way that have been training your dog and change your behavior towards it to make these temperament issues go away.

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